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yuvtoppm(1)									      yuvtoppm(1)

       yuvtoppm - convert Abekas YUV bytes into a portable pixmap

       yuvtoppm width height [imagedata]

       Reads  raw  Abekas  YUV	bytes as input.  Produces a portable pixmap as output.	The input
       file is just YUV bytes.	You have to specify the width and height  on  the  command  line,
       since  the  program  obviously  can't get them from the file.  The maxval is assumed to be

       ppmtoyuv(1), ppm(5)

       Marc Boucher <marc@PostImage.COM>, based on Example Conversion  Program,  A60/A64  Digital
       Video Interface Manual, page 69.

       Copyright (C) 1991 by DHD PostImage Inc.

       Copyright (C) 1987 by Abekas Video Systems Inc.

					   25 March 91				      yuvtoppm(1)
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