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rawtoppm(1)									      rawtoppm(1)

       rawtoppm - convert raw RGB bytes into a portable pixmap

       rawtoppm   [-headerskip	 N]  [-rowskip	N]  [-rgb|-rbg|-grb  |-gbr|-brg|-bgr  ]  [-inter-
       pixel|-interrow] width height [imagedata]

       Reads raw RGB bytes as input.  Produces a portable pixmap as output.  The  input  file  is
       just  RGB  bytes.  You have to specify the width and height on the command line, since the
       program obviously can't get them from the file.	The maxval is assumed to be 255.  If  the
       resulting image is upside down, run it through pnmflip -tb .

	      If the file has a header, you can use this flag to skip over it.

	      If there is padding at the ends of the rows, you can skip it with this flag.

       -rgb -rbg -grb -gbr -brg -bgr
	      These flags let you specify alternate color orders.  The default is -rgb.

       -interpixel -interrow
	      These flags let you specify how the colors are interleaved.  The default is -inter-
	      pixel, meaning interleaved by pixel.  A byte of red, a byte of green, and a byte of
	      blue,  or whatever color order you specified.  -interrow means interleaved by row -
	      a row of red, a row of green, a row of blue, assuming standard rgb color order.  An
	      -interplane  flag   -  all  the red pixels, then all the green, then all the blue -
	      would be an obvious extension, but is not implemented.   You  could  get	the  same
	      effect by splitting the file into three parts (perhaps using dd), turning each part
	      into a PGM file with rawtopgm, and then combining them with rgb3toppm.

       ppm(5), rawtopgm(1), rgb3toppm(1), pnmflip(1)

       Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.

					 06 February 1991			      rawtoppm(1)
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