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XVNC(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   XVNC(1)

Xvnc - a VNC server
Xvnc [-rfbport port] [-rfbwait time] [-nocursor] [-rfbauth passwd-file] [-httpd dir] [-httpport port] [-deferupdate time] [-economic- translate] [-lazytight] [-desktop name] [-alwaysshared] [-nevershared] [-dontdisconnect] [-localhost] [-interface ipaddr] [-inetd] [-compatiblekbd] [X-options...]
Xvnc is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server. It acts like an X server with a virtual display. The display can be seen by a VNC viewer application, which may be running on a different machine: see vncviewer(1). It is built inside the source code tree of XFree86, and shares many options with it. Note that if you are going to use VNC on an untrusted network, you will need to use SSH to prevent unauthorised access. See <URL:> for details.
The VNC-specific options are as follows: -rfbport port TCP port for RFB protocol. -rfbwait time Maximum time, in milliseconds, to wait for RFB client. -nocursor Don't put up a cursor. -rfbauth passwd-file Use authentication on RFB protocol from specified file; see vncpasswd(1). -httpd dir Serve files via HTTP from here. -httpport port Port for HTTP. -deferupdate time Time, in milliseconds, to defer updates (default 40). -economictranslate Use less memory-hungry translation. -lazytight Disable "gradient" filter in tight encoding. -desktop name Set VNC desktop name (default x11). -alwaysshared Always treat new clients as shared. -nevershared Never treat new clients as shared. -dontdisconnect Don't disconnect existing clients when a new non-shared connection comes in (refuse new connection instead). -localhost Only allow connections from localhost. -interface ipaddr Only bind to the interface with given ipaddr. -inetd Xvnc is launched by inetd. -compatiblekbd Set META key = ALT key, as in the original (AT&T) version of Xvnc.
vncviewer(1), vncserver(1), vncconnect(1), vncpasswd(1)
AT&T Laboratories Cambridge Man page by Tim Waugh <> 4 May 2001 XVNC(1)

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