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VNCVIEWER(1)						      General Commands Manual						      VNCVIEWER(1)

vncviewer - VNC client application
vncviewer [options] host:display# vncviewer [options] -listen [display#]
View a VNC session. This is an Xt-based client application for the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) system. You can use vncviewer to use a computing desktop environment that is running on a different machine. You can use F8 to display a pop-up utility menu.
The options are standard Xt options, or: -shared When connecting, specify that a shared connection is allowed. This is the default. -noshared When connecting, specify that the session may not be shared. -viewonly Block mouse and keyboard events. -fullscreen Occupy the entire screen. -passwd passwd-file File from which to get the password (as generated by the vncpasswd(1) program). -encodings encoding-list A list of encodings to use in order of preference, separated by spaces. The default is "copyrect tight hextile zlib corre rre", or "raw copyrect tight hextile zlib corre rre" for a VNC server on the same machine. -bgr233 Always use the BGR233 (8-bit) pixel format on the wire, regardless of the visual. -owncmap Try to use a PseudoColor visual and a private colormap - this allows the VNC server to control the colormap. -truecolour Try to use a TrueColor visual. -depth depth Try to use a visual of this depth (bits per pixel). -compresslevel level Use specified compression level (0-9) for tight encoding. -quality level Use the specified image quality level (0-9) for tight encoding. -nocursorshape Disable the local cursor shape extension. -via gateway [host]:display Tunnel via the gateway to the specified VNC host's display. By default this uses ssh(1). -noraiseonbeep By default the viewer window is raised when a beep (bell) is received from the VNC session. This option disables that.
X resources that vncviewer knows about, aside from the normal Xt resources, are as follows: shareDesktop (class ShareDesktop) Equivalent of -noshared/-shared options. Default true. viewOnly (class ViewOnly) Equivalent of -viewonly option. Default false. fullScreen (class FullScreen) Equivalent of -fullscreen option. Default false. raiseOnBeep (class RaiseOnBeep) Equivalent of -noraiseonbeep option. Default true. passwordFile (class PasswordFile) Equivalent of -passwd option. serverDialog (class ServerDialog) Settings for dialog widget. passwordDialog (class PasswordDialog) Settings for dialog widget. encodings (class Encodings) Equivalent of -encodings option. useBGR233 (class UseBGR233) Equivalent of -bgr233 option. Default false. nColours (class NColours) Try to allocate this many exact colours from the BGR233 colour cube (when using BGR233). useSharedColours (class UseSharedColours) Try to use shared colours. Default true. forceOwnCmap (class ForceOwnCmap) Equivalent of -owncmap option. Default false. forceTrueColour (class ForceTrueColour) Equivalent of -truecolour option. Default false. requestedDepth (class RequestedDepth) Equivalent of -depth option. useSharedMemory (class UseSharedMemory) Use MIT shared memory extension if available. Default true. wmDecorationWidth (class WmDecorationWidth) For calculating maximum VNC window size. Default 4. wmDecorationHeight (class WmDecorationHeight) For calculating maximum VNC window size. Default 24. popupButtonCount (class PopupButtonCount) Custom buttons. See the README file for more information on how to customize buttons. debug (class Debug) For debugging. Default false. rawDelay (class RawDelay) For debugging. Default 0 (off). copyRectDelay (class CopyRectDelay) For debugging. Default 0 (off). compressLevel (class CompressionLevel) Equivalent of -compresslevel option. qualityLevel (class QualityLevel) Equivalent of -quality option. useRemoteCursor (class UseRemoteCursor) Equivalent of -nocursorshape option. Default true.
vncserver(1), Xvnc(1), vncpasswd(1), vncconnect(1)
AT&T Laboratories Cambridge Man page by Tim Waugh <> 4 May 2001 VNCVIEWER(1)