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VNCSERVER(1)									     VNCSERVER(1)

       vncserver - start a VNC server application

	      [:number]  [-geometry  widthxheight]  [-depth  depth]  [-pixelformat  rgbNNNbgrNNN]
	      [-name desktop-name] [Xvnc-options...]

       vncserver -kill :number

       Start (or stop) a VNC session.  This is a VNC (Virtual Network  Computing)  server.   With
       vncserver  you  can  start a computing desktop environment that you wish to be able to use
       from a different machine.

	      The display number to use.  If omitted, the next free display number is used.

       -geometry widthxheight
	      The session is to be of the specified size.

       -depth depth
	      The colour depth of the visual to provide (bits per pixel).

       -pixelformat rgbNNNbgrNNN
	      The colour representation bit allocations to use.

       -name desktop-name
	      The name to give the desktop.

       -kill :number
	      Stop the session running on display number.

       vncviewer(1), Xvnc(1), vncpasswd(1), vncconnect(1)

       AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
       Man page by Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com>

					    6 Nov 2000				     VNCSERVER(1)
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