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cubrid_version(3) [php man page]


cubrid_version - Get the CUBRID PHP module's version

string cubrid_version (void ) DESCRIPTION
The cubrid_version(3) function is used to get the CUBRID PHP module's version. PARAMETERS
This function has no parameters. RETURN VALUES
Version information (eg. ""). EXAMPLES
Example #1 cubrid_version(3) example <?php printf("%-30s %s ", "CUBRID PHP Version:", cubrid_version()); printf(" "); $conn = cubrid_connect("localhost", 33088, "demodb", "dba"); if (!$conn) { die('Connect Error ('. cubrid_error_code() .')' . cubrid_error_msg()); } $db_params = cubrid_get_db_parameter($conn); while (list($param_name, $param_value) = each($db_params)) { printf("%-30s %s ", $param_name, $param_value); } printf(" "); $server_info = cubrid_get_server_info($conn); $client_info = cubrid_get_client_info(); printf("%-30s %s ", "Server Info:", $server_info); printf("%-30s %s ", "Client Info:", $client_info); printf(" "); $charset = cubrid_get_charset($conn); printf("%-30s %s ", "CUBRID Charset:", $charset); cubrid_disconnect($conn); ?> The above example will output: CUBRID PHP Version: PARAM_ISOLATION_LEVEL 3 LOCK_TIMEOUT -1 MAX_STRING_LENGTH 1073741823 PARAM_AUTO_COMMIT 1 Server Info: Client Info: 9.1.0 CUBRID Charset: iso8859-1 SEE ALSO
cubrid_error_code(3), cubrid_error_code_facility(3). PHP Documentation Group CUBRID_VERSION(3)

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cubrid_client_encoding - Return the current CUBRID connection charset

string cubrid_client_encoding ([resource $conn_identifier]) DESCRIPTION
This function returns the current CUBRID connection charset and is similar to the CUBRID function cubrid_get_charset(3). PARAMETERS
o $conn_identifier -The CUBRID connection. If the connection identifier is not specified, the last link opened by cubrid_connect(3) is assumed. RETURN VALUES
A string that represents the CUBRID connection charset; on success. FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 cubrid_client_encoding(3) example <?php $con = cubrid_connect("localhost", 33000, "demodb"); if (!$con) { die('Could not connect.'); } printf("CUBRID current charset: %s ", cubrid_client_encoding($con)); ?> The above example will output: CUBRID current charset: iso8859-1 SEE ALSO
cubrid_get_charset(3). PHP Documentation Group CUBRID_CLIENT_ENCODING(3)

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