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quagga(8)			  System Administration Commands			quagga(8)

       quagga - advanced routing protocol suite from www.quagga.net

       Quagga is an advanced routing software package that provides a suite of TCP/IP based rout-
       ing protocols.

       Quagga supports protocols such as RIPv1, RIPv2, RIPng, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, BGP-4, and  BGP-4+.
       This  document is provided for informational purposes to help users configure quagga under
       Solaris specifically. Further documentation on quagga configuration in general is provided
       at http://www.quagga.net.

       Quagga consists of the following packages:

	 o  SUNWquaggar - Quagga root files

	 o  SUNWquagga-daemons - Quagga daemons

	 o  SUNWquagga-libs - Quagga private shared libraries

	 o  SUNWquagga-dev - Quagga private shared library headers

	 o  SUNWquaggaS - Quagga sources

       More defailed Quagga documentation is available from http://www.quagga.net/docs, or in the
       GNU Info format Quagga documentation installed in /usr/sfw/share/info.

       The Quagga routing protocol suite replaces SUNWzebra, and detection of SUNWzebra  configu-
       ration  during  boot will lead to automatic transfer of configuration to quagga. If manual
       upgrade (without reboot) is required, configuration files under /etc/sfw/zebra  should  be
       transferred  to	/etc/quagga, and "routeadm -u" should be run. This will enable the appro-
       priate quagga services, and run the daemons if those services dependencies are met.

       In Solaris, quagga daemons are managed by the following smf(5) services:

       svc:/network/routing/zebra:quagga  zebra routing manager daemon

       svc:/network/routing/rip:quagga	  RIPv2 routing daemon

       svc:/network/routing/ripng:quagga  RIPng routing daemon

       svc:/network/routing/bgp:quagga	  BGP routing daemon

       svc:/network/routing/ospf:quagga   OSPF routing daemon

       svc:/network/routing/ospf6:quagga  OSPF6 routing daemon

       Quagga daemons can be configured either via the smf(5) framework, or via routeadm(1M), the
       global dynamic routing management utility.

       Note that quagga was built without the vtysh (unified vty shell) utility, as it depends on
       a package not currently distributed with Solaris.

       By default,  in.routed  and  in.ripngd,	managed  by  the  svc:/network/routing/route  and
       svc:/network/routing/ripng  services  respectively,  are  configured  as default IPv4/IPv6
       routing services. To disable these, either utilize routeadm(1M) or svcadm(1M)  as  fol-

       # routeadm -d route
       # routeadm -d ripng:default

       disables in.routed and in.ripngd respectively using routeadm(1M).

       # svcadm disable route:default
       # svcadm disable ripng:default

       disables in.routed and in.ripngd respectively using smf(1).

       Note  that  these  services  must  be  disabled	or their quagga counterparts (rip:quagga,
       ripng:quagga) will not run, since they services specify to the smf framework that they and
       their quagga counterparts cannot run simultaneously.

       To enable quagga services, again either routeadm(1M) or svcadm(1M) can be used.	Note that
       quagga services, like in.routed	and  in.ripngd,  specify  dependencies	on  ipv4(6)-rout-
       ing(forwarding) services, so as with all smf(1) services, ensure the appropriate dependen-
       cies are enabled or the services will not start.

       For example,

       # routeadm -e rip:quagga
       # routeadm -e ipv4-routing -u

       enables quagga's RIPv2 daemon (the -u option above is required, as global ip  routing/for-
       warding settings are not applied to the system until next reboot unless the -u is issued).

       To do the same via smf(1),

       # svcadm enable -r rip:quagga

       The   "-r"  option  recursively	enables  rip:quagga's  dependencies,  which  include  the
       ipv4-routing service.

       The status of all routing daemon services can be displayed via routeadm(1M),  run  without
       options, or, through smf(1), via the svcs(1) command.

       Commandline  arguments  to the quagga daemons can be altered by modifying the routing/dae-
       mon-args property, again either via routeadm(1M) or svccfg(1M):

       # routeadm -m rip:quagga daemon-args="-s"


       # svccfg -s rip:quagga setprop routing/daemon-args="-s"
       # svcadm refresh rip:quagga

       The "refresh" is required to ensure the daemon re-reads its configuration.

       To see status of all routing services, run routeadm(1M) without options.

       ripngd(8), ospfd(8), ospf6d(8), bgpd(8), zebra(8), routeadm(1M), svcadm(1M), svcs(1), svc-
       cfg(1M), smf(5)

       See <http://www.quagga.net>, or the Info file for an  accurate  list of authors.

SunOS 5.11				   01 Aug 2006					quagga(8)
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