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mms(5)			       Standards, Environments, and Macros			   mms(5)

       mms - MMS service overview

       MMS  is a distributed removable media management system. It is based on the standard, IEEE
       1244, Media Management System (MMS).

       The current implementation of MMS manages tapes and cartridges in a Sun	StorageTek  ACSLS
       tape  library  and emulated tapes on a file system. MMS is capable of sharing drives among
       multiple hosts. An important feature of MMS is that it provides a uniform  and  consistent
       tape interface to its client applications.

       MMS  consists  of  a  media  manager (MM) which manages the entire MMS system. Information
       about the system is maintained by MM in a database.

       Every library managed by MMS has an active library manager (LM). An  LM	provides  library
       access and mounting service to MMS.

       A drive managed by MMS has a drive manager (DM) on each host that has access to the drive.
       A DM provides device specific operations. A DM also provides label processing. The current
       implementation supports only ANSI labels.

       MMS  client applications request MM to mount and unmount cartridges and process them after
       they are mounted. Applications use the Media Management Protocol (MMP) to make requests. A
       library of client application functions is available.

       The  Solaris implementation of the MMS uses the mmsinit(1M) command to configure and start
       the MMS service and the mmsadm(1M) command to list and set parameters required by the ser-

       The MMS service instances, as reported by svcs(1), are:




	   Media Manager PostgreSQL database


	   Media Manager

       The MMS service RBAC (see rbac(5)) authorizations are:

	   o	  solaris.smf.manage.mms

	   o	  solaris.smf.value.mms

       The  following  are the MMS service configuration data accessible through the service man-
       agement facility (see smf(5)):


	   Host is media manager or watcher only. Valid values are server or client.


	   Host name where the media manager is running.


	   Port the media manager is using.


	   Media Manager is using SSL. Valid values are true or false.	Note  the  Media  Manager
	   needs an SSL RSA certificate and Diffie-Hellman parameters must be 'true'.


	   Media  Manager-only value, determines whether two-way authentication is enabled, which
	   requires all Media Manager clients to have SSL RSA certificate. Valid values  are  are
	   true for two-way authentication and false for one-way authentication.


	   Name  of  file that contains the SSL RSA certificate, private key, and RSA certificate


	   Name of file for the private key password phrase if the RSA certificate is encrypted.


	   Media Manager-only value, name of file that stores the Diffie-Hellman parameters.


	   Name of optional CRL file.


	   Optional cipher change from EDH-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA.


	   Optional client only, name of file that stores the media manager certificate. The cer-
	   tificate  is  checked  against  the certificate returned by SSL_get_peer_certificate()

       The following are the MMS Database fault management resource identifier (FMRI)  configura-
       tion data:


	   Directory  where the PostgreSQL binaries are located. The directory is specific to the
	   version of PostgreSQL qualified for use by the MMS software.


	   Directory where the PostgreSQL database is located. The default location  is   a  ver-
	   sion-specific subdirectory of /var/mms/db.

       The following are the MMS Media Manager FMRI configuration data:


	   For future use. Set to localhost.


	   Port number to use for PostgreSQL login. The default value is 7656.


	   PostgreSQL user name. The default user name is postgres.


	   Name of PostgreSQL database to which to connect. The default value is mms.


	   Optional. The Media Manager trace level before connecting to the PostgreSQL database.


	   Number of times to wait for the database to accept a Media Manager connection.


	   Number of seconds to wait  between reconnect tries.

       The following are the MMS Watcher FMRI configuration data:


	   Path to ACSLS SSI daemon.


	   Path to ACSLS API library.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Interface Stability	     |Committed 		   |

       svcs(1),  mmsadm(1M),  mmsclient(1M),  mmsexplorer(1M),	mmsinit(1M), mmsclient_script(4),
       attributes(5), rbac(5), smf(5)

SunOS 5.11				   11 Nov 2008					   mms(5)
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