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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for mmsclient_script (opensolaris section 4)

mmsclient_script(4)			   File Formats 		      mmsclient_script(4)

       mmsclient_script - script file for mmsclient program


       This  man page describes the syntax of the script file that is driven by the mmsclient(1M)
       utility. This file contains a list of Media Management Protocol (MMP)  commands	that  are
       used to communicate with a Media Management server.

       The  MMP  and the commands in the script file are based, in part,  on IEEE 1244, the Media
       Management System (MMS) standards.

       In the script file, each MMP command must start with one of the following symbols  as  the
       first character:

       # Comment character

	   Indicates the following characters document the file or command. Any character follow-
	   ing the # character on the same line is ignored.

       @ Async command

	   Indicates that the command on the next line is sent in async  mode. Any character fol-
	   lowing  the	@  character on the same line is ignored. The MMP command to be performed
	   must start on the next line. Commands that are not preceded with the @  character  are
	   sent in sync mode, that is, the mmsclient command waits for a response before continu-
	   ing to the next MMP command in the file.

       $ Sync point

	   Forces the mmsclient command to wait for a response to a  previous async command.  For
	   example, if the script contained an async  command such as:

	     @task["Get volume Names"]

	   ...a subsequent command:

	     $Get volume Names

	   ...stops the script until the volume names are retrieved.

       > Interactive MMP prompt

	   Displays  a	prompt	on  the  display  device and pauses the script. To respond to the
	   prompt, type the requested information, ending with the semicolon (;)  character.  The
	   mmsclient  utility  then  sends  the  information  to  the MMS server. To skip the MMP
	   prompt, type the q character.

       % Pause the script

	   The script stops until you press the Enter key.

       ! Execute a command

	   The mmsclient utility issues a call to system(3C) to invoke a command.  Whatever  com-
	   mand follows ! is run in the shell in which	mmsclient is run. For example:

	     ! date

	   See the shell commands in the example script below.

       Example 1 Example Script

       The  following script, demo_example, demonstrates the special characters and some MMP com-
       mands. It is executed with default values when the command:

	 # mmsclient -f demo _example

       ...is run.

	 #mmsclient example script

	 #Send show commands in sync mode
	 show task["sync show command 1"]
	 report[DM] reportmode[namevalue]

	 show task["sync show command 2"]
	 report[LM LIBRARY] reportmode[namevalue]

	 #Pause the script and wait for someone to
	 #press Enter to continue

	 #send show commands in async mode
	 show task["async show command 1"]
	 report[DRIVE] reportmode[namevalue]

	 show task["async show command 2"]
	 report[CARTRIDGE VOLUME] reportmode[namevalue]

	 #set a sync point for the second async command,
	 #to stop the script until the response is complete
	 $async show command 2

	 #set a sync point for an unsent command and set
	 #a sync pont for a command  that has already received a response.
	 #mmsclient does not stop for either one

	 $sync show command 1

	 #Start interactive MMP prompt.
	 #To continue, enter an MMP command or 'q'
	 #Register for a some events
	 notify task["notify test3"]
	 receive[tag["client connected"]
	 object[CONNECTION] action["add"]
	 match[streq(CONNECTION."Language" "MMP")]]
	 receive[tag["client disconnected"]
	 object[CONNECTION] action["delete"]
	 match[streq(CONNECTION."Language" "MMP")]]
	 receive[tag["DM connected"]
	 object[CONNECTION] action["add"]
	 match[streq(CONNECTION."Language" "DMP")]]
	 receive[tag["DM disconnected"]
	 object[CONNECTION] action["delete"]
	 match[streq(CONNECTION."Language" "DMP")]]
	 receive[tag["LM connected"]
	 object[CONNECTION] action["add"]
	 match[streq(CONNECTION."Language" "LMP")]]
	 receive[tag["LM disconnected"]
	 object[CONNECTION] action["delete"]
	 match[streq(CONNECTION."Language" "LMP")]]

	 #Pause the script
	 #Connect another mmsclient to see some events
	 #Press Enter key to continue

	 notify task["delete all CONNECTION events"]

	 #Pause the script and wait.
	 #Connect another mmsclient to verify the events are cancelled.
	 #Press Enter key to continue

	 #Execute some simple shell commands
	 !echo Hello World
	 !uname -a

	 #Pause the script and wait.
	 #Press Enter key to continue

	 #Send last command in async mode.
	 #mmsclient does not exit until it receives the responses
	 #for all pending commmands.
	 show task["async show command 3"]
	 report[APPLICATION] reportmode[namevalue];
	 show task["async show command 4"]
	 report[AI] reportmode[namevalue];

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Availability		     |SUNWmmsu			   |
       |Interface Stability	     |Volatile			   |

       mmsadm(1M), mmsclient(1M), mmsexplorer(1M), mmsinit(1M), system(3C), attributes(5)

       IEEE 1244, IEEE Storage Systems Standards, a set of MMS standards

SunOS 5.11				   10 Jul 2008			      mmsclient_script(4)

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