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rmtab(4)				   File Formats 				 rmtab(4)

       rmtab - remote mounted file system table


       rmtab  contains a table of filesystems that are remotely mounted by NFS clients. This file
       is maintained by mountd(1M), the mount daemon. The data in this file  should  be  obtained
       only from  mountd(1M) using the MOUNTPROC_DUMP remote procedure call.

       The  file contains a line of information for each remotely mounted filesystem. There are a
       number of lines of the form:


       The mount daemon adds an entry for any client that successfully executes a  mount  request
       and deletes the appropriate entries for an unmount request.

       Lines  beginning  with  a  hash (' #') are commented out. These lines are removed from the
       file by mountd(1M) when it first starts up. Stale entries may accumulate for clients  that
       crash without sending an unmount request.


       mountd(1M), showmount(1M)

SunOS 5.11				   15 Nov 1990					 rmtab(4)
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