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order(4)				   File Formats 				 order(4)

       order - package installation order description file

       The  package  installation  order  file,  .order, is an ASCII file specifying the order in
       which packages must be installed  based on their prerequisite dependencies.  Any   package
       with prerequisite dependencies must be installed  after any packages it lists as a prereq-
       uisite dependency in its depend file.

       A .order file is required for the OS product. The .order file must reside in the top-level
       directory containing the product.

       The  ordering  is specified as a list of package identifiers, from the first package to be
       installed to the last, one package identifier per line.

       The depend file supports incompatible and reverse  dependencies.  These	dependency  types
       are not recognized in the order	file.

       cdtoc(4), clustertoc(4), depend(4), packagetoc(4), pkginfo(4)

SunOS 5.11				   24 Feb 1993					 order(4)
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