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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for defaultdomain (opensolaris section 4)

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defaultdomain(4)			   File Formats 			 defaultdomain(4)

       defaultdomain - specify host's domain name


       The  file /etc/defaultdomain determines a host's domain name for direct use by the NIS and
       NIS+ name services. The defaultdomain file is read at boot time and its contents  used  by
       the  domainname(1M)  command. Because of its use by domainname, defaultdomain is also used
       by  the	LDAP  service  (see  ldap(1)).	 Under	 certain,   narrow   circumstances   (see
       resolv.conf(4)),  because domainname uses defaultdomain, a DNS client can use the contents
       of defaultdomain.

       The contents of defaultdomain consists of a single line containing a host's domain name.

       NIS+(1), uname(1), ldapclient(1M), nisclient(1M), ypbind(1M), ypinit(1M), resolv.conf(4)

       The defaultdomain file is created and modified by Solaris installation  and  configuration
       scripts. Only users knowledgeable of name service configuration should edit the file.

SunOS 5.11				 22 February 2000			 defaultdomain(4)
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