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pset_setattr(2) 			   System Calls 			  pset_setattr(2)

       pset_setattr, pset_getattr - set or get processor set attributes

       #include <sys/pset.h>

       int pset_setattr(psetid_t pset, uint_t attr);

       int pset_getattr(psetid_t pset, uint_t *attr);

       The  pset_setattr()  function sets attributes of the processor set specified by pset.  The
       bitmask of attributes to be set or cleared is specified by attr.

       The pset_getattr function returns attributes of the processor set specified  by	pset.  On
       successful return, attr will contain the bitmask of attributes for the specified processor

       The value of the attr argument is the bitwise inclusive-OR of these attributes, defined in

       PSET_NOESCAPE	Unbinding of LWPs from the processor set with this attribute requires the
			{PRIV_SYS_RES_CONFIG} privilege to be asserted in the  effective  set  of
			the calling process.

       The  binding  of  LWPs and processes to processor sets is controlled by pset_bind(2). When
       the PSET_NOESCAPE attribute is cleared, a process calling pset_bind() can clear	the  pro-
       cessor  set  binding  of  any  LWP whose real or effective user ID matches its own real of
       effective user ID.  Setting PSET_NOESCAPE attribute forces  pset_bind()	to  requires  the
       {PRIV_SYS_RES_CONFIG}  privilege  to  be  asserted  in  the  effective  set of the calling

       Upon successful completion, these functions return 0. Otherwise, -1 is returned and  errno
       is set to indicate the error.

       These function will fail if:

       EFAULT	  The location pointed to by attr was not writable by the user.

       EINVAL	  An invalid processor set ID was specified.

		  The  caller is in a non-global zone, the pools facility is active, and the pro-
		  cessor is not a member of the zone's pool's processor set.

       ENOTSUP	  The pools facility is active. See pooladm(1M)  and  pool_set_status(3POOL)  for
		  information about enabling and disabling the pools facility.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Interface Stability	     |Stable			   |
       |MT-Level		     |Async-Signal-Safe 	   |

       pooladm(1M),  pooladm(1M),  psrset(1M), zoneadm(1M), pset_bind(2), pool_set_status(3POOL),

SunOS 5.11				   28 Jun 2004				  pset_setattr(2)
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