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perror(1)				  MySQL database				perror(1)

       perror - describes a system or MySQL error code.

       perror [OPTIONS] [ERRORCODE [ERRORCODE...]]

       Can be used to display a description for a system error code, or an MyISAM/ISAM table han-
       dler error code.  The error messages are mostly system dependent.

	      Displays this help and exits.

	      Synonym for the above.

	      Only print the error message

	      Print error code and message (default).

	      Displays version information and exits.

       shell> perror 64 79 Error code  64:  Machine is not on the network Error  code	79:   Can
       not access a needed shared library

       isamchk(1),    isamlog(1),    mysql(1),	  mysqlaccess(1),    mysqladmin(1),    mysqld(1),
       mysqld_multi(1),  mysqld_safe(1),  mysqldump(1),   mysql_fix_privilege_tables(1),   mysql-
       show(1), mysql_zap(1), replace(1)

       For  more  information  please  refer  to the MySQL reference manual, which may already be
       installed locally and which is also available online at http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/

       Please refer to http://bugs.mysql.com/ to report bugs.

       Ver  1.0,  distribution	4.0.24	Michael  (Monty)  Widenius  (monty@mysql.com),	MySQL  AB
       (http://www.mysql.com/).   This	software  comes  with  no  warranty.   Manual  page by L.
       (Kill-9) Pedersen (kill-9@kill-9.dk), Mercurmedia Data Model Architect / system	developer

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |  ATTRIBUTE TYPE    |	       ATTRIBUTE VALUE		 |
       |Availability	    | SUNWmysqlr, SUNWmysqlu, SUNWmysqlt |
       |Interface Stability | External				 |
       Source for mysql is available on http://opensolaris.org.

MySQL 4.0				 19 December 2000				perror(1)
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