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isamlog(1)				  MySQL database			       isamlog(1)

       isamlog - Write info about whats in a nisam log file.

       isamlog [-?iruvIV] [-c #] [-f #] [-F filepath/] [-o #] [-R file recordpos] [-w write_file]
       [log-filename [table ...]]

       isamlog [-?|-I] [-V] [-c] [-f] [-F] [-i] [-o] [-p #] [-r] [-R] [-u] [-v] [-w]


       -?|-I  info

       -V     version

       -c     do only # commands

       -f     max open files

       -F     file path

       -i     extra info

       -o     offset

       -p #   remove # components from path

       -r     recover

       -R     file recordposition

       -u     update

       -v     verbose

       -w     write file

       If no file name is given isam.log is used One can give a second and a third '-v' for  more
       verbose.   Normaly one does a update (-u).  If a recover is done all writes and all possi-
       bly updates and deletes is done and errors are only counted.  If one gives table names  as
       arguments only these tables will be updated

       isamchk(1),   mysql(1),	 mysqlaccess(1),   mysqladmin(1),   mysqld(1),	 mysqld_multi(1),
       mysqld_safe(1), mysqldump(1), mysql_fix_privilege_tables(1),  mysqlshow(1),  mysql_zap(1),
       perror(1), replace(1)

       For  more  information  please  refer  to the MySQL reference manual, which may already be
       installed locally and which is also available online at http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/

       Please refer to http://bugs.mysql.com/ to report bugs.

       Ver  1.0,  distribution	4.0.24	Michael  (Monty)  Widenius  (monty@mysql.com),	MySQL  AB
       (http://www.mysql.com/).   This	software  comes  with  no  warranty.   Manual  page by L.
       (Kill-9) Pedersen (kill-9@kill-9.dk), Mercurmedia Data Model Architect / system	developer

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |  ATTRIBUTE TYPE    |	       ATTRIBUTE VALUE		 |
       |Availability	    | SUNWmysqlr, SUNWmysqlu, SUNWmysqlt |
       |Interface Stability | External				 |
       Source for mysql is available on http://opensolaris.org.

MySQL 4.0				 19 December 2000			       isamlog(1)
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