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GSinterface(1)									   GSinterface(1)

       GSinterface - LP interface script for using ghostscript under lpsched

       GSinterface [request-id] [user] [title] [copies] [options] [files]

       This shell script is intended to be uses as an LP interface script on Solaris 2.6 and
       later systems.  It allows print queues to be configured under LP using Ghostscript to ren-
       der for the printer.

       Configuration under lpsched is performed via the lpadmin(1M) command.

	    # lpadmin -p printer -v /dev/... -I"postscript,pdf" -Tunknown \
		 -i /usr/sfw/share/ghostscript/interfaces/GSinterface \
		 -o GS_DEVICE=(gs-device-type) \
		 [-o OutputFile=(file/device)] [-o PAPERSIZE=(size)] \
		 [-o RESOLUTION=XxY] [-o banner-type=(ascii|postscript)] \
		 [-o GS_OPTIONS="-sIjsServer=... -sIjsParams=..."]

       Valid  values  for  the GS_DEVICE setting can be obtained from Ghostscript by running: "gs
       -h". This will dump a variety of information about Ghostscript's usage  and  compile  time
       configuration.	The  "Available devices:" section lists the formats that Ghostscript will
       render to.  You will need to match one of these formats to the format  that  your  printer
       takes as input.

       To  configure a Canon Bublejet 800c (NeWSprinter CL+) printer connected to an ECP parallel

	    # lpadmin -p printer -v /dev/ecpp0 -I"postscript,pdf" -Tunknown \
		 -i /usr/sfw/share/ghostscript/interfaces/GSinterface \
		 -o GS_DEVICE=bjc800
	    # accept printer
	    # enable printer

       To configure an HP DeskJet 990 printer connected via a USB interface using IJS support:

	    # lpadmin -p printer -v /dev/usb/lp1 -I"postscript,pdf" -Tunknown \
		 -i /usr/sfw/share/ghostscript/interfaces/GSinterface \
		 -o GS_DEVICE=ijs \
		 -o GS_OPTIONS="-sIjsServer=hpijs -sDeviceManufacturer=HEWLETT-PACKARD -sDeviceModel='DESKJET 990' -DIjsUseOutputFD"
	    # accept printer
	    # enable printer


Ghostscript				 15 October 2002			   GSinterface(1)
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