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GSinterface(1)						      General Commands Manual						    GSinterface(1)

GSinterface - LP interface script for using ghostscript under lpsched SYNOPSIS
GSinterface [request-id] [user] [title] [copies] [options] [files] DESCRIPTION
This shell script is intended to be uses as an LP interface script on Solaris 2.6 and later systems. It allows print queues to be config- ured under LP using Ghostscript to render for the printer. Configuration under lpsched is performed via the lpadmin(1M) command. # lpadmin -p printer -v /dev/... -I"postscript,pdf" -Tunknown \ -i /usr/sfw/share/ghostscript/interfaces/GSinterface \ -o GS_DEVICE=(gs-device-type) \ [-o OutputFile=(file/device)] [-o PAPERSIZE=(size)] \ [-o RESOLUTION=XxY] [-o banner-type=(ascii|postscript)] \ [-o GS_OPTIONS="-sIjsServer=... -sIjsParams=..."] Valid values for the GS_DEVICE setting can be obtained from Ghostscript by running: "gs -h". This will dump a variety of information about Ghostscript's usage and compile time configuration. The "Available devices:" section lists the formats that Ghostscript will render to. You will need to match one of these formats to the format that your printer takes as input. EXAMPLES
To configure a Canon Bublejet 800c (NeWSprinter CL+) printer connected to an ECP parallel port: # lpadmin -p printer -v /dev/ecpp0 -I"postscript,pdf" -Tunknown \ -i /usr/sfw/share/ghostscript/interfaces/GSinterface \ -o GS_DEVICE=bjc800 # accept printer # enable printer To configure an HP DeskJet 990 printer connected via a USB interface using IJS support: # lpadmin -p printer -v /dev/usb/lp1 -I"postscript,pdf" -Tunknown \ -i /usr/sfw/share/ghostscript/interfaces/GSinterface \ -o GS_DEVICE=ijs \ -o GS_OPTIONS="-sIjsServer=hpijs -sDeviceManufacturer=HEWLETT-PACKARD -sDeviceModel='DESKJET 990' -DIjsUseOutputFD" # accept printer # enable printer SEE ALSO
gs(1) Ghostscript 15 October 2002 GSinterface(1)

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