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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for bdftops (opensolaris section 1)

bdftops(1)						      General Commands Manual							bdftops(1)

bdftops - Shell script to convert a BDF file to a scalable outline using
bdftops BDF_filename [AFM_file1_name] gsf_filename fontname UniqueID [XUID] [encodingname]
Ghostscript provides a way to construct a (low-quality) Type 1 font from a bitmap font in the BDF format popular in the Unix world. The shell script bdftops converts a BDF file to a scalable outline using The arguments have these meanings: BDF_filename Input bitmap file in BDF format AFM_file1_name AFM files giving metrics (Optional) gsf_filename Output file fontname Name of the font UniqueID UniqueID XUID XUID, in the form n1.n2.n3... (Optional) encodingname "StandardEncoding" (the default), (Optional) "ISOLatin1Encoding", "SymbolEncoding", "DingbatsEncoding" See the Fonts.htm document in the Ghostscript distribution for information on converting fonts.
bdftops pzdr.bdf ZapfDingbats.afm pzdr.gsf ZapfDingbats 4100000 1000000.1.41 Then make an entry in Fontmap for the .gsf file (pzdr.gsf in this example).
gs(1) Ghostscript 24 October 2002 bdftops(1)