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TIMEDC(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual				TIMEDC(8)

     timedc -- timed control program

     timedc [command [argument ...]]

     timedc is used to control the operation of the timed(8) program.  It may be used to:

     o	 Measure the differences between machines' clocks,

     o	 Find the location where the master time server is running,

     o	 Enable or disable tracing of messages received by timed(8), and

     o	 Perform various debugging actions.

     Without any arguments, timedc will prompt for commands from the standard input.  If argu-
     ments are supplied, timedc interprets the first argument as a command and the remaining
     arguments as parameters to the command.  The standard input may be redirected causing timedc
     to read commands from a file.  Commands may be abbreviated; recognized commands are:

     ? [command ...]

     help [command ...]
	     Print a short description of each command specified in the argument list, or, if no
	     arguments are given, a list of the recognized commands.

     clockdiff host ...
	     Compute the differences between the clock of the host machine and the clocks of the
	     machines given as arguments.

     msite [host ...]
	     Show the master time server for specified host(s).

     trace { on | off }
	     Enable or disable the tracing of incoming messages to timed(8) in the file

     election host
	     Asks the daemon on the target host to reset its ``election'' timers and to ensure
	     that a time master has been elected.

     quit    Exit from timedc.

     Other commands may be included for use in testing and debugging timed(8); the help command
     and the program source may be consulted for details.

     /var/log/timed.log        tracing file for timed
     /var/log/timed.masterlog  log file for master timed

     ?Ambiguous command
	     abbreviation matches more than one command
     ?Invalid command
	     no match found

     date(1), adjtime(2), icmp(4), timed(8)

     R. Gusella and S. Zatti, TSP: The Time Synchronization Protocol for UNIX 4.3BSD.

     The timedc command appeared in 4.3BSD.

BSD					 February 2, 2007				      BSD
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