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SM(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     SM(4)

sm -- SMC91Cxx-based Ethernet interfaces device driver SYNOPSIS
sm0 at isa? port 0x300 irq 10 sm* at mhzc? sm* at pcmcia? function ? sm* at nubus? DESCRIPTION
The sm device driver supports SMC91C9x-based and SMC91C1xx-based Ethernet interfaces. The ISA attachment of the sm driver supports any SMC91C9x-based Ethernet interface on the ISA bus, including the EFA Info*Express SVC VLB interface, and the on-board SMC91C9x Ethernet found in many embedded PCs and laptop docking stations. The mhzc attachment of the sm driver supports the Megahertz combo Ethernet and modem card. The PCMCIA attachment of the sm driver supports Megahertz X-JACK Ethernet cards. The nubus attachment of the sm driver supports SMC-based Ethernet cards for the macintosh. MEDIA SELECTION
The SMC91C1xx supports the MII interface and so the list of supported media depends on several factors, including which PHY is attached. The SMC91C9x supports AUI and UTP media types. To enable the AUI media, select the 10base5 or aui media type with ifconfig(8)'s media directive. To select UTP, select the 10baseT or utp media type. ifconfig(8)'s -m option will display the full list of supported media directives for a particular configuration. DIAGNOSTICS
sm0: unable to read MAC address from CIS This indicates that the Ethernet address, which is stored in the CIS information on the Megahertz X-JACK PCMCIA Ethernet card, is corrupted. SEE ALSO
ifmedia(4), intro(4), isa(4), mhzc(4), mii(4), pcmcia(4), ifconfig(8) BSD
November 10, 1997 BSD

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SN(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     SN(4)

sn -- Ethernet driver for SMC91Cxx based cards SYNOPSIS
To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file: device sn Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5): if_sn_load="YES" DESCRIPTION
The sn device driver supports SMC91Cxx based ISA and PCMCIA cards. HARDWARE
The sn driver supports SMC91Cxx based ISA and PCMCIA cards including: o 3Com Megahertz X-Jack Ethernet PC Card XJ10BT, XJ10BC o 3Com Megahertz XJEM and CCEM series: CCEM3288C, CCEM3288T, CCEM3336, CEM3336C, CCEM3336T, XJEM1144C, XJEM1144T, XJEM3288C, XJEM3288T, XJEM3336 o Farallon EtherMac PC Card 595a o Motorola Mariner Ethernet/Modem PC Card o Ositech Seven of Diamonds Ethernet PC Card o Ositech Jack of Hearts Ethernet/Modem PC Card o Psion Gold Card Netglobal Ethernet PC Card o Psion Gold Card Netglobal 10/100 Fast Ethernet PC Card o Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56k+10Mb Ethernet PC Card o SMC EZEther PC Card (8020BT) o SMC EZEther PC Card (8020T) The sn driver supports the SMC 91C90, SMC 91C92, SMC 91C94, SMC 91C95, SMC 91C96, SMC91C100 and SMC 91C100FD chips from SMC. The Farallon EtherWave and EtherMac card came in two varieties. The ep(4) driver supports the 595 and 895 cards. These cards have the blue arrow on the front along with a 3Com logo. The Farallon 595a cards, which have a red arrow on the front, are also called EtherWave and EtherMac. They are supported by the sn driver. SEE ALSO
ed(4), ep(4), ie(4), intro(4), ng_ether(4), vx(4), ifconfig(8) HISTORY
The sn device driver appeared in FreeBSD 4.0. BSD
July 16, 2005 BSD
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