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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for iee (netbsd section 4)

IEE(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   IEE(4)

     iee -- Intel i82596 10MBit/s Ethernet interface

     iee* at sbdio?

     iee* at gsc?

     The iee device provides access to the Intel i82596 10MBit/s Ethernet interface.  iee sup-
     ports IEEE 802.1Q Virtual LANs.  iee operates the i82596 in 32-Bit Linear Mode, opposed to
     ie(4) that drives the i82596 only in i82586 compatibility mode.

     The iee interface supports Intel i82596CA based on-board Ethernet on EWS4800/350.

     The iee interface supports Intel i82596DX on ASP/ASP2 based machines and the i82596CA macro-
     cell in LASI based machines.  GSC expansion cards may work, but are not tested.  Media
     selection on hp700 is done either manually via hardware jumper or automatically depending on
     machine model.

     iee%d: iee_intr: receive error %d, rfd_status=0x%.4x, rfd_count=0x%.4x.  An error during
     frame reception occurred.	The frame was dropped.

     iee%d: iee_intr: can't allocate mbuf.
     iee%d: iee_intr: can't alloc mbuf cluster.  A frame was received, but dropped due to lack of

     iee%d: iee_intr: receive ring buffer overrun  Many frames where received under high load and
     the receive ring buffer was to small to store them all.  Frame reception was restarted from
     scratch.  Most likely there where frames lost.

     iee%d: iee_intr: scb_status=0x%x scb_cmd=0x%x faild command %d: cb_status[%d]=0x%.4x
     cb_cmd[%d]=0x%.4x	A transmit or setup command was not executed successfully.

     iee%d: iee_intr: crc_err=%d  Number of frames with a CRC error received.

     iee%d: iee_intr: align_err=%d  Number of unaligned frames received.

     iee%d: iee_intr: resource_err=%d  Number of good frames dropped because the receive ring
     buffer was full.

     iee%d: iee_intr: overrun_err=%d  Number of frames lost because the system bus was not avail-
     able for DMA.

     iee%d: iee_intr: rcvcdt_err=%d  Number of collisions detected during frame reception.

     iee%d: iee_intr: short_fr_err=%d  Number of frames received that where shorter then the min-
     imum frame length.

     iee%d: iee_start: failed to load DMA map  A mbuf(9) chain with too many elements could not
     be setup for transmission.  The mbuf(9) chain will be merged into a single mbuf(9) cluster
     and retransmitted.

     iee%d: iee_start: can't allocate mbuf.
     iee%d: iee_start: can't load TX DMA map.  Said error occurred during merging the mbuf(9)
     chain into a mbuf(9) cluster.  The frame was dropped.

     iee%d: iee_init: can't create TX DMA map
     iee%d: iee_init: can't allocate mbuf
     iee%d: iee_init: can't allocate mbuf cluster
     iee%d: iee_init: can't create RX DMA map
     iee%d: iee_init: can't load RX DMA map  There was no memory free to allocate resources when
     the operator tried to bring the interface up.  The interface will not come up.  Try again

     iee%d: iee_watchdog: transmit timeout %d
     iee%d: iee_watchdog: setup timeout %d  The hardware didn't respond to a transmit or setup
     command within five seconds.  The interface will be reset and restarted.

     iee%d: iee_gsc_cmd: timeout n=%d  Timeout at sending a channel attention command to the

     iee%d: iee_gsc_reset timeout bussy=0x%x  Timeout at resetting the chip.  Possible errors
     during autoconf(4).

     iee%d: iee_gsc_attach: can't map I/O space  The driver failed to map the I/O ports of the
     chip.  The device will not be attached.

     iee%d: iee_gsc_attach: can't allocate %d bytes of DMA memory
     iee%d: iee_gsc_attach: can't map DMA memory
     iee%d: iee_gsc_attach: can't create DMA map
     iee%d: iee_gsc_attach: can't load DMA map	The driver failed to get the shared DMA memory
     for the chip.  The device will not be attached.

     arp(4), ifmedia(4), inet(4), intro(4), vlan(4), ifconfig(8)

     The iee driver appeared in NetBSD 2.0.

     Jochen Kunz

     None. ;-)

BSD					   May 5, 2009					      BSD

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