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CAS(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   CAS(4)

     cas -- Cassini/Cassini+ (GigaSwift) Ethernet device driver

     cas* at pci? dev ? function ?

     Configuration of PHYs may also be necessary.  See mii(4).

     The cas driver provides support for the Sun Cassini and Cassini+ (GigaSwift) and the
     National Semiconductor Saturn Ethernet hardware found in Sun UltraSPARC machines and Sun
     GigaSwift PCI cards.

     Cards supported by this driver include:
	   o   Sun Gigaswift Ethernet (SX fibre variants)
	   o   Sun Gigaswift Ethernet (UTP variants)
	   o   Sun quad Gigaswift Ethernet

     brgphy(4), gentbi(4), gphyter(4), ifmedia(4), intro(4), mii(4), ifconfig(8)

     Sun Microsystems, Cassini+ ASIC Specification,

     The cas driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.1.  NetBSD support was added in NetBSD 6.0.

     The cas driver was written for OpenBSD by Mark Kettenis <kettenis@openbsd.org>, based on the
     gem(4) driver, and ported to NetBSD by Julian Coleman <jdc@NetBSD.org>.

     The cas driver does not support any of the advanced features of the Cassini chip.

     On the SX fibre variants of the hardware, the link may stay down if media options apart from
     autoselect are chosen.

BSD					 January 7, 2010				      BSD
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