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monitorix(8)			    Monitorix collector daemon			     monitorix(8)


       monitorix -c configfile [-p pidfile] [-d none | graph[,graph] | all] [-v]

       This  Perl  daemon  starts  the main Monitorix process, which gathers statistics about the
       system it is running on and stores this information in a set of RRD files.

       -c configfile
	      The default location of the configuration file varies depending  on  the	operating

	      Linux:	    /etc/monitorix.conf
	      FreeBSD:	    /usr/local/etc/monitorix.conf

       -p pidfile
	      Stores the daemon's process ID into the specified file.

       -d none | graph[,graph] | all
	      Logs more information about what monitorix is doing internally. The keys reflect if
	      the data collected must be displayed on each case. If all is defined, the data col-
	      lected  of  all  enabled graphs will be shown. If none is defined no data collected
	      will be shown. Finally it is also possible to  define  a	comma-separated  list  of
	      graph names from which show their data collected.
	      For  a  reference  of  all  graph  names	check the option @GRAPH_NAME in the moni-
	      torix.conf configuration file.

       -v     Displays version information.

       On receipt of a SIGHUP, monitorix will close and reopen its log file. This  is  useful  in
       scripts which rotate and age log files.

       Note that the configuration file is not re-read. I plan to change this in future versions.

       The following is the set of the special files created on every startup:

       $BASE_DIR/cgi-bin/monitorix.conf.path	stores the path of configfile.

       $BASE_DIR/cgi-bin/monitorix.hplog	stores the output of hplog.

       $BASE_DIR/index.html			HTML main page.

       Monitorix is written by Jordi Sanfeliu <jordi@fibranet.cat>

       Copyright (C) 2005-2012 Jordi Sanfeliu
       Licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).


2.6.0					     Sep 2012				     monitorix(8)
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