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Linux 2.6 - man page for undocumented (linux section 3)

UNDOCUMENTED(3) 					     Linux Programmer's Manual						   UNDOCUMENTED(3)

undocumented - undocumented library functions
Undocumented library functions
This man page mentions those library functions which are implemented in the standard libraries but not yet documented in man pages. Solicitation If you have information about these functions, please look in the source code, write a man page (using a style similar to that of the other Linux section 3 man pages), and send it to for inclusion in the next man page release. The list authdes_create(3), authdes_getucred(3), authdes_pk_create(3), clntunix_create(3), creat64(3), dn_skipname(3), fcrypt(3), fp_nquery(3), fp_query(3), fp_resstat(3), freading(3), freopen64(3), fseeko64(3), ftello64(3), ftw64(3), fwscanf(3), get_avphys_pages(3), getdiren- tries64(3), getmsg(3), getnetname(3), get_phys_pages(3), getpublickey(3), getsecretkey(3), h_errlist(3), host2netname(3), hostalias(3), inet_nsap_addr(3), inet_nsap_ntoa(3), init_des(3), libc_nls_init(3), mstats(3), netname2host(3), netname2user(3), nlist(3), obstack_free(3), parse_printf_format(3), p_cdname(3), p_cdnname(3), p_class(3), p_fqname(3), p_option(3), p_query(3), printf_size(3), printf_size_info(3), p_rr(3), p_time(3), p_type(3), putlong(3), putshort(3), re_compile_fastmap(3), re_compile_pattern(3), regis- ter_printf_function(3), re_match(3), re_match_2(3), re_rx_search(3), re_search(3), re_search_2(3), re_set_registers(3), re_set_syntax(3), res_send_setqhook(3), res_send_setrhook(3), ruserpass(3), setfileno(3), sethostfile(3), svc_exit(3), svcudp_enablecache(3), tell(3), tr_break(3), tzsetwall(3), ufc_dofinalperm(3), ufc_doit(3), user2netname(3), wcschrnul(3), wcsftime(3), wscanf(3), xdr_authdes_cred(3), xdr_authdes_verf(3), xdr_cryptkeyarg(3), xdr_cryptkeyres(3), xdr_datum(3), xdr_des_block(3), xdr_domainname(3), xdr_getcredres(3), xdr_key- buf(3), xdr_keystatus(3), xdr_mapname(3), xdr_netnamestr(3), xdr_netobj(3), xdr_passwd(3), xdr_peername(3), xdr_rmtcall_args(3), xdr_rmt- callres(3), xdr_unixcred(3), xdr_yp_buf(3), xdr_yp_inaddr(3), xdr_ypbind_binding(3), xdr_ypbind_resp(3), xdr_ypbind_resptype(3), xdr_ypbind_setdom(3), xdr_ypdelete_args(3), xdr_ypmaplist(3), xdr_ypmaplist_str(3), xdr_yppasswd(3), xdr_ypreq_key(3), xdr_ypreq_nokey(3), xdr_ypresp_all(3), xdr_ypresp_all_seq(3), xdr_ypresp_key_val(3), xdr_ypresp_maplist(3), xdr_ypresp_master(3), xdr_ypresp_order(3), xdr_ypresp_val(3), xdr_ypstat(3), xdr_ypupdate_args(3), yp_all(3), yp_bind(3), yperr_string(3), yp_first(3), yp_get_default_domain(3), yp_maplist(3), yp_master(3), yp_match(3), yp_next(3), yp_order(3), ypprot_err(3), yp_unbind(3), yp_update(3) Linux 2017-09-15 UNDOCUMENTED(3)

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