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Linux 2.6 - man page for undocumented (linux section 3)

UNDOCUMENTED(3) 		    Linux Programmer's Manual			  UNDOCUMENTED(3)

       none - undocumented library functions

       Undocumented library functions

       This  man  page	mentions  those  library  functions which are implemented in the standard
       libraries but not yet documented in man pages.

       If you have information about these functions, please look in the source code, write a man
       page  (using  a style similar to that of the other Linux section 3 man pages), and send it
       to mtk.manpages@gmail.com for inclusion in the next man page release.

   The list
       authdes_create(3),    authdes_getucred(3),    authdes_pk_create(3),    clntunix_create(3),
       creat64(3),  dn_skipname(3),  fcrypt(3),  fp_nquery(3), fp_query(3), fp_resstat(3), fread-
       ing(3), freopen64(3), fseeko64(3), ftello64(3), ftw64(3), fwscanf(3), get_avphys_pages(3),
       getdirentries64(3),    getmsg(3),    getnetname(3),   get_nprocs(3),   get_nprocs_conf(3),
       get_phys_pages(3),  getpublickey(3),   getsecretkey(3),	 h_errlist(3),	 host2netname(3),
       hostalias(3),   inet_nsap_addr(3),   inet_nsap_ntoa(3),	 init_des(3),	libc_nls_init(3),
       lio_listio(3), mstats(3),  netname2host(3),  netname2user(3),  nlist(3),  obstack_free(3),
       parse_printf_format(3),	p_cdname(3),  p_cdnname(3), p_class(3), p_fqname(3), p_option(3),
       p_query(3),  printf_size(3),  printf_size_info(3),  p_rr(3),  p_time(3),  p_type(3),  put-
       long(3),  putshort(3), re_compile_fastmap(3), re_compile_pattern(3), register_printf_func-
       tion(3),  re_match(3),  re_match_2(3),  re_rx_search(3),   re_search(3),   re_search_2(3),
       re_set_registers(3),  re_set_syntax(3), res_send_setqhook(3), res_send_setrhook(3), ruser-
       pass(3),  setfileno(3),	sethostfile(3),  svc_exit(3),	svcudp_enablecache(3),	 tell(3),
       tr_break(3),  tzsetwall(3),  ufc_dofinalperm(3),  ufc_doit(3), user2netname(3), vlimit(3),
       vtimes(3), wcschrnul(3), wcsftime(3), wscanf(3), xdr_authdes_cred(3), xdr_authdes_verf(3),
       xdr_cryptkeyarg(3), xdr_cryptkeyres(3), xdr_datum(3), xdr_des_block(3), xdr_domainname(3),
       xdr_getcredres(3),  xdr_keybuf(3),  xdr_keystatus(3),  xdr_mapname(3),  xdr_netnamestr(3),
       xdr_netobj(3),  xdr_passwd(3),  xdr_peername(3),  xdr_rmtcall_args(3),  xdr_rmtcallres(3),
       xdr_unixcred(3),       xdr_yp_buf(3),	   xdr_yp_inaddr(3),	   xdr_ypbind_binding(3),
       xdr_ypbind_resp(3),  xdr_ypbind_resptype(3),  xdr_ypbind_setdom(3),  xdr_ypdelete_args(3),
       xdr_ypmaplist(3),      xdr_ypmaplist_str(3),	 xdr_yppasswd(3),	xdr_ypreq_key(3),
       xdr_ypreq_nokey(3),   xdr_ypresp_all(3),   xdr_ypresp_all_seq(3),   xdr_ypresp_key_val(3),
       xdr_ypresp_maplist(3),	xdr_ypresp_master(3),	xdr_ypresp_order(3),   xdr_ypresp_val(3),
       xdr_ypstat(3),  xdr_ypupdate_args(3), yp_all(3), yp_bind(3), yperr_string(3), yp_first(3),
       yp_get_default_domain(3),   yp_maplist(3),    yp_master(3),    yp_match(3),    yp_next(3),
       yp_order(3), ypprot_err(3), yp_unbind(3), yp_update(3)

       This  page  is  part of release 3.55 of the Linux man-pages project.  A description of the
       project,    and	  information	 about	  reporting    bugs,	can    be    found     at

Linux					    2012-12-21				  UNDOCUMENTED(3)

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