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keyboard-request(7)							      keyboard-request(7)

       keyboard-request - event signalling console press of Alt-UpArrow

       keyboard-request [ENV]...

       The  keyboard-request  event  is generated by the Upstart init(8) daemon when the keyboard
       request key combination (typically Alt-UpArrow) is pressed on the console.

       The support for this event depends on your kernel configuration.  Suggested use	for  this
       event includes spawning a new login console when pressed, or for secure attention key sup-

       This event is not handled in the default Upstart configuration.

       A task to be run on the keyboard request might use:

	      start on keyboard-request

       control-alt-delete(7) init(8)

Upstart 				    2009-07-09			      keyboard-request(7)
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