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inittab(5)							File Formats Manual							inittab(5)

inittab - init daemon configuration SYNOPSIS
/etc/inittab DESCRIPTION
The /etc/inittab file was the configuration file used by the original System V init(8) daemon. The Upstart init(8) daemon does not use this file, and instead reads its configuration from files in /etc/init. See init(5) for more details. SEE ALSO
init(8) init(5) Upstart 2009-07-09 inittab(5)

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INITSCRIPT(5)						Linux System Administrator's Manual					     INITSCRIPT(5)

initscript - script that executes inittab commands. SYNOPSIS
/bin/sh /etc/initscript id runlevels action process DESCRIPTION
When the shell script /etc/initscript is present, init will use it to execute the commands from inittab. This script can be used to set things like ulimit and umask default values for every process. EXAMPLES
This is a sample initscript, which might be installed on your system as /etc/initscript.sample. # # initscript Executed by init(8) for every program it # wants to spawn like this: # # /bin/sh /etc/initscript <id> <level> <action> <process> # # Set umask to safe level, and enable core dumps. umask 022 ulimit -c 2097151 PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin export PATH # Increase the hard file descriptor limit for all processes # to 8192. The soft limit is still 1024, but any unprivileged # process can increase its soft limit up to the hard limit # with "ulimit -Sn xxx" (needs a 2.2.13 or later Linux kernel). ulimit -Hn 8192 # Execute the program. eval exec "$4" NOTES
This script is not meant as startup script for daemons or somesuch. It has nothing to do with a rc.local style script. It's just a handler for things executed from /etc/inittab. Experimenting with this can make your system un(re)bootable. FILES
/etc/inittab, /etc/initscript. AUTHOR
Miquel van Smoorenburg ,<> SEE ALSO
init(8), inittab(5). July 10, 2003 INITSCRIPT(5)
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