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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for eui64 (freebsd section 3)

EUI64(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						  EUI64(3)

eui64, eui64_aton, eui64_ntoa, eui64_ntohost, eui64_hostton -- IEEE EUI-64 conversion and lookup routines
Standard C Library (libc, -lc)
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/eui64.h> int eui64_aton(const char *a, struct eui64 *e); int eui64_ntoa(const struct eui64 *id, char *a, size_t len); int eui64_ntohost(char *hostname, size_t len, const struct eui64 *id); int eui64_hostton(const char *hostname, struct eui64 *id);
These functions operate on IEEE EUI-64s using an eui64 structure, which is defined in the header file <sys/eui64.h>: /* * The number of bytes in an EUI-64. */ #define EUI64_LEN 8 /* * Structure of an IEEE EUI-64. */ struct eui64 { u_char octet[EUI64_LEN]; }; The eui64_aton() function converts an ASCII representation of an EUI-64 into an eui64 structure. Likewise, eui64_ntoa() converts an EUI-64 specified as an eui64 structure into an ASCII string. The eui64_ntohost() and eui64_hostton() functions map EUI-64s to their corresponding hostnames as specified in the /etc/eui64 database. The eui64_ntohost() function converts from EUI-64 to hostname, and eui64_hostton() converts from hostname to EUI-64.
On success, eui64_ntoa() returns a pointer to a string containing an ASCII representation of an EUI-64. If it is unable to convert the sup- plied eui64 structure, it returns a NULL pointer. Likewise, eui64_aton() returns a pointer to an eui64 structure on success and a NULL pointer on failure. The eui64_ntohost() and eui64_hostton() functions both return zero on success or non-zero if they were unable to find a match in the /etc/eui64 database.
The user must ensure that the hostname strings passed to the eui64_ntohost() and eui64_hostton() functions are large enough to contain the returned hostnames.
If the /etc/eui64 contains a line with a single '+' in it, the eui64_ntohost() and eui64_hostton() functions will attempt to consult the NIS eui64.byname and eui64.byid maps in addition to the data in the /etc/eui64 file.
firewire(4), eui64(5), yp(8)
These functions first appears in FreeBSD 5.3. They are derived from the ethers(3) family of functions.
March 4, 2004 BSD

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