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manpath(1) [freebsd man page]

MANPATH(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						MANPATH(1)

manpath -- display search path for manual pages SYNOPSIS
manpath [-Ldq] DESCRIPTION
The manpath utility determines the user's manual search path from the user's PATH, and local configuration files. This result is echoed to the standard output. -L Output manual locales list instead of the manual path. -d Print extra debugging information. -q Suppresses warning messages. IMPLEMENTATION NOTES
The manpath utility constructs the manual path from two sources: 1. From each component of the user's PATH for the first of: - pathname/man - pathname/MAN - If pathname ends with /bin: pathname/../man Note: Special logic exists to make /bin and /usr/bin look in /usr/share/man for manual files. 2. The configuration files listed in the FILES section for MANPATH entries. The information from these locations is then concatenated together. If the -L flag is set, the manpath utility will search the configuration files listed in the FILES section for MANLOCALE entries. ENVIRONMENT
The following environment variables affect the execution of manpath: MANLOCALES If set with the -L flag, causes the utility to display a warning and the value, overriding any other configuration found on the system. MANPATH If set, causes the utility to display a warning and the value, overriding any other configuration found on the system. PATH Influences the manual path as described in the IMPLEMENTATION NOTES. FILES
/etc/man.conf System configuration file. /usr/local/etc/man.d/*.conf Local configuration files. SEE ALSO
apropos(1), man(1), whatis(1), man.conf(5) BSD
September 1, 2010 BSD

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APROPOS(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						APROPOS(1)

apropos, whatis -- keyword search whatis documentation databases SYNOPSIS
apropos [-d] keyword ... whatis [-d] keyword ... DESCRIPTION
The apropos utility searches a set of databases looking for documentation matching each keyword and displays the results. The whatis utility does the same search but only on complete words. -d Print extra debugging information. The keyword is simply passed to grep(1) allowing for extended regular expression matches. ENVIRONMENT
The following environment variables affect the execution of apropos: MANLOCALES, MANPATH, PATH Used to find the location of the whatis database files. See manpath(1) for additional information. PAGER Program used to display files. If unset, more -s is used. DIAGNOSTICS
The apropos utility exits 0 if a keyword matched and 1 if no keywords are matched or no whatis databases are found. SEE ALSO
grep(1), makewhatis(1), man(1), manpath(1), man.conf(5) BSD
September 1, 2010 BSD

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