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dictreleaselock(3) [debian man page]

dictReleaseLock(3)						    util/dict.h 						dictReleaseLock(3)

dictReleaseLock - release lock on value. SYNOPSIS
#include <util/dict.h> void dictReleaseLock(dictCtx dict, void *lock); ARGUMENTS
dict - dictionary containing value to release. lock - lock to release. DESCRIPTION
Releases the lock on the value associated with <lock>. Once the lock is released, the dictCleanupFunc callback can be called for the value (see dictCleanup()). MT-Level: Safe if <dict> thread-safe. RETURN VALUE
dictDestroy(3), dictCleanup(3), dictReleaseLock(3), dictRemove(3), dictNext(3), dictCreate(3), dictSetValue(3), dictModifyValue(3), dict- Search ClearSilver 12 July 2007 dictReleaseLock(3)
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