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dictcleanup(3) [debian man page]

dictCleanup(3)							    util/dict.h 						    dictCleanup(3)

dictCleanup - cleanup dictionary SYNOPSIS
#include <util/dict.h> void dictCleanup(dictCtx dict, dictCleanupFunc cleanup, void *rock); ARGUMENTS
dict - dictionary to cleanup cleanup - cleanup callback rock - to pass to <cleanup> DESCRIPTION
Calls <cleanup> for every item in <dict>. If <cleanup> returns true, then item is removed from <dict>. MT-Level: Safe if <dict> thread-safe. RETURN VALUE
dictDestroy(3), dictCleanup(3), dictReleaseLock(3), dictRemove(3), dictNext(3), dictCreate(3), dictSetValue(3), dictModifyValue(3), dict- Search ClearSilver 12 July 2007 dictCleanup(3)

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dictModifyValue(3)						    util/dict.h 						dictModifyValue(3)

dictModifyValue - create/modify an item. SYNOPSIS
#include <util/dict.h> NEOERR *dictModifyValue(dictCtx dict, const char *id, dictNewValueCB new_cb, dictUpdateValueCB update, void *rock); ARGUMENTS
dict - dictionary to add pair to. id - identifier of value new - function to call to create new value (may be NULL) update - function to call to modify value (if NULL, the old value is freed, and <new> is used) rock - context to pass to <new> or <update>. DESCRIPTION
Finds <id>'s value and calls <update>. If <id> is not in <dict>, calls <new> to obtain a new value. MT-Level: Safe if <dict> thread-safe. RETURN VALUE
dictDestroy(3), dictCleanup(3), dictReleaseLock(3), dictRemove(3), dictNext(3), dictCreate(3), dictSetValue(3), dictModifyValue(3), dict- Search ClearSilver 12 July 2007 dictModifyValue(3)
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