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GEN-CTL-IO(1)							      libctl							     GEN-CTL-IO(1)

gen-ctl-io - generate C interface code for libctl control files SYNOPSIS
gen-ctl-io [OPTION]... [spec-file] DESCRIPTION
gen-ctl-io generates C code to import/export the input/output variables used in a libctl control file. gen-ctl-io generates files like ctl-io.h and ctl-io.c. These files define global variables, data structures, and functions for the input/output variables, classes, and function interfaces defined in the spec-file argument, automating the interaction between C and Guile. The arguments such as --code and --header are used to control whether ctl-io.c or ctl-io.h, etcetera, are generated. If no argument is specified then both of these files are generated by default, for backwards compatibility. libctl is a free library to aid in interfacing scientific software with the GNU Guile scripting and extension language. Documentation for it may be found online at the libctl home page: OPTIONS
--code Generate C (or C++) source code to implement the Guile interface functions. The default output file name is ctl-io.c (in C) or ctl- io.cpp (in C++). --header Generate the header file declaring the interface data types and functions. The default output file name is ctl-io.h (in C) or ctl- io.hpp (in C++). --swig Generate a SWIG interface definition file declaring automatic conversions for the various libctl data types. The default output file name is ctl-io.i. --cxx Generate C++ code instead of C code. -o file Use file as the output file name instead of the defaults (above). BUGS
Send bug reports to S. G. Johnson, AUTHORS
Written by Steven G. Johnson. libctl March 27, 2006 GEN-CTL-IO(1)

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EDAC-CTL(8)							EDAC admin utility						       EDAC-CTL(8)

edac-ctl - EDAC admin utility SYNOPSIS
The edac-ctl program is a perl(1) script which performs some useful administration tasks for EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) drivers. OPTIONS
--help Display a brief usage message. --mainboard Print mainboard vendor and model for this hardware, if available. The method used by edac-ctl to obtain the mainboard vendor and model information for the current system is described below in the MAINBOARD CONFIGURATION section. --status Print the status of EDAC drivers (loaded or unloaded). --register-labels Register motherboard DIMM labels into EDAC driver sysfs files. This option uses the detected mainboard manufacturer and model num- ber in combination with a "labels database" found in any of the files under /etc/edac/labels.d/* or in the labels.db file at /etc/edac/labels.db. An entry for the current hardware must exist in the labels database for this option to do anything. --print-labels Display the configured labels for the current hardware, as well as the current labels registered with EDAC. --labeldb=DB Specify an alternate location for the labels database. MAINBOARD CONFIGURATION
The edac-ctl script uses the following method to determine the current system's mainboard vendor and model information: 1. If the config file /etc/edac/mainboard exists, then it is parsed by edac-ctl. The mainboard config file has the following simple syn- tax: vendor = <mainboard vendor string> model = <mainboard model string> script = <script to gather mainboard information> Where anything after a '#' character on a line is considered a comment. If the keyword script is specified, then that script or exe- cutable is run by edac-ctl to gather the mainboard vendor and model information. The script should write the resulting information on stdout in the same format as the mainboard config file. 2. If no mainboard config file exists, then edac-ctl will attempt to read DMI information from the sysfs files /sys/class/dmi/id/board_vendor /sys/class/dmi/id/board_name 3. If the sysfs files above do not exist, then edac-ctl will fall back to parsing output of the dmidecode(8) utility. Use of this utility will most often require that edac-ctl be run as root. SEE ALSO
edac(3), edac-util(1) edac-utils-0.18-1 2011-11-09 EDAC-CTL(8)
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