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gen-ctl-io(1) [debian man page]

GEN-CTL-IO(1)							      libctl							     GEN-CTL-IO(1)

gen-ctl-io - generate C interface code for libctl control files SYNOPSIS
gen-ctl-io [OPTION]... [spec-file] DESCRIPTION
gen-ctl-io generates C code to import/export the input/output variables used in a libctl control file. gen-ctl-io generates files like ctl-io.h and ctl-io.c. These files define global variables, data structures, and functions for the input/output variables, classes, and function interfaces defined in the spec-file argument, automating the interaction between C and Guile. The arguments such as --code and --header are used to control whether ctl-io.c or ctl-io.h, etcetera, are generated. If no argument is specified then both of these files are generated by default, for backwards compatibility. libctl is a free library to aid in interfacing scientific software with the GNU Guile scripting and extension language. Documentation for it may be found online at the libctl home page: OPTIONS
--code Generate C (or C++) source code to implement the Guile interface functions. The default output file name is ctl-io.c (in C) or ctl- io.cpp (in C++). --header Generate the header file declaring the interface data types and functions. The default output file name is ctl-io.h (in C) or ctl- io.hpp (in C++). --swig Generate a SWIG interface definition file declaring automatic conversions for the various libctl data types. The default output file name is ctl-io.i. --cxx Generate C++ code instead of C code. -o file Use file as the output file name instead of the defaults (above). BUGS
Send bug reports to S. G. Johnson, AUTHORS
Written by Steven G. Johnson. libctl March 27, 2006 GEN-CTL-IO(1)

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FL-CREDENTIAL-CTL(1)						   Debian manual					      FL-CREDENTIAL-CTL(1)

fl-credential-ctl - XML-RPC credential server for funkload SYNOPSIS
fl-credential-ctl [ options ] config_file [ start | startd | stop | restart | status | test ] DESCRIPTION
fl-credential-ctl controls the XML-RPC based credential server for Funkload. This server is meant to be used in order to write benchs that require authentication. A configuration file needs to be setup in order to use this server. Please refer to demo/cmf/credential.conf for an example. OPTIONS
--version Show program's version number and exit --help, -h Show a help message and exit --quiet, -q Verbose output SEE ALSO
fl-build-report(1), fl-install-demo(1), fl-monitor-ctl(1), fl-record(1), fl-run-bench(1), fl-run-test(1). AUTHOR
Funkload was written by Benoit Delbosc. This manual page was written by Jose Parrella <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Debian Project 26 March 2009 FL-CREDENTIAL-CTL(1)
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