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bt-monitor(1) [debian man page]

bt-monitor(1)							    bluez-tools 						     bt-monitor(1)

bt-monitor - a bluetooth monitor SYNOPSIS
bt-monitor [OPTION...] Help Options: -h, --help Application Options: -a, --adapter=<name|mac> DESCRIPTION
This utility is used to capture DBus signals of bluetoothd. Captured next signals: Manager signals: AdapterAdded AdapterRemoved DefaultAdapterChanged Adapter signals: DeviceCreated DeviceDisappeared DeviceFound DeviceRemoved AdapterPropertyChanged Device signals: DisconnectRequested DevicePropertyChanged Services signals: AudioServiceConnected InputServiceConnected NetworkServiceConnected OPTIONS
-h, --help Show help -a, --adapter <name|mac> Specify adapter to capture by his Name or MAC address (if this option does not defined - all adapters captured) AUTHOR
Alexander Orlenko <>. SEE ALSO
bt-adapter(1) bt-agent(1) bt-audio(1) bt-device(1) bt-input(1) bt-network(1) bt-serial(1) 2010-08-16 bt-monitor(1)

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bt-audio(1)							    bluez-tools 						       bt-audio(1)

bt-audio - a bluetooth generic audio manager SYNOPSIS
bt-audio [OPTION...] Help Options: -h, --help Application Options: -a, --adapter=<name|mac> -c, --connect=<name|mac> -d, --disconnect=<name|mac> DESCRIPTION
This utility is used to manage outgoing audio service connections. OPTIONS
-h, --help Show help -a, --adapter <name|mac> Specify adapter to use by his Name or MAC address (if this option does not defined - default adapter used) -c, --connect <name|mac> Connect all supported audio profiles on the device -d, --disconnect <name|mac> Disconnect all audio profiles on the device AUTHOR
Alexander Orlenko <>. SEE ALSO
bt-adapter(1) bt-agent(1) bt-device(1) bt-input(1) bt-monitor(1) bt-network(1) bt-serial(1) 2010-08-11 bt-audio(1)
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