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RAX2(1) 						    BSD General Commands Manual 						   RAX2(1)

rax2 -- radare base converter SYNOPSIS
rax2 [-ebsSvxkh] [[value] ...] DESCRIPTION
This command is part of the radare project. This command allows you to convert values between positive and negative integer, float octal, binary and hexadecimal values. OPTIONS
-e Swap endian. -b Convert from binary string to caracter (rax2 -b 01000101) -s Convert from hex string to caracter (rax2 -s 43 4a 50) -S Convert from hex string to caracter (rax2 -S C J P) -v Show program version -x Convert a string into a hash -k Keep de same base as the input data -h Show usage help message USAGE
Available variable types are: int -> hex rax2 10 hex -> int rax2 0xa -int -> hex rax2 -77 -hex -> int rax2 0xffffffb3 int -> bin rax2 b30 bin -> int rax2 1010d float -> hex rax2 3.33f hex -> float rax2 Fx40551ed8 oct -> hex rax2 35o hex -> oct rax2 Ox12 (O is a letter) bin -> hex rax2 1100011b hex -> bin rax2 Bx63 With no arguments, rax2 reads values from stdin. You can pass one or more values as arguments. $ rax2 33 0x41 0101b 0x21 65 0x5 You can do 'unpack' hexpair encoded strings easily. $ rax2 -s 41 42 43 ABC And it supports some math operations. $ rax2 0x5*101b+5 30 It is very useful tool for scripting, so you can read floating point values, or get the integer offset of a jump or a stack delta when ana- lyzing programs. SEE ALSO
radare2(1), rahash2(1), rafind2(1), rabin2(1), ranal2(1), radiff2(1), ragg2(1), rarun2(1), rasm2(1), AUTHORS
pancake <>, nibble <> BSD
Mar 12, 2010 BSD

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RAGG2(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						  RAGG2(1)

ragg2 -- radare2 utility to run programs in exotic environments SYNOPSIS
ragg2 [-a arch] [-b bits] [-k kernel] [-f format] [-o file] [-i shellcode] [-I path] [-e encoder] [-B hexpairs] [-c k=v] [-C file] [-d off:dword] [-D off:qword] [-w off:hexpair] [-p padding] [-FOLsrxvh] DESCRIPTION
ragg2 is a frontend for r_egg, compile programs into tiny binaries for x86-32/64 and arm. This tool is experimental and it is a rewrite of the old rarc2 and rarc2-tool programs as a library and integrated with r_asm and r_bin. Programs generated by r_egg are relocatable and can be injected in a running process or on-disk binary file. ragg2-cc is another tool that comes with r2 and it is used to generate shellcodes from C code. The final code can be linked with rabin2 and it is relocatable, so it can be used to inject it on any remote process. ragg2-cc is conceptually based on shellforge4, but only linux/osx x86-32/64 platforms are supported. DIRECTIVES
The rr2 (ragg2) configuration file accepts the following directives, described as key=value entries and comments defined as lines starting with '#'. -a arch set architecture x86, arm -b bits 32 or 64 -k kernel windows, linux or osx -f format select binary format (pe, elf, mach0) -o file output file to write result of compilation -i shellcode specify shellcode name to be used (see -L) -e encoder specify encoder name to be used (see -L) -B hexpair specify shellcode as hexpairs -c k=v set configure option for the shellcode encoder. The argument must be key=value. -C file include contents of file -d off:dword Patch final buffer with given dword at specified offset -D off:qword Patch final buffer with given qword at specified offset -w off:hexpairs Patch final buffer with given hexpairs at specified offset -p padding Specify generic paddings with a format string. -F autodetect native file format (osx=mach0, linux=elf, ..) -O use default output file (filename without extension or a.out) -I path add include path -s show assembler code -x execute (just-in-time) EXAMPLE
$ cat hi.r /* hello world in r_egg */ write@syscall(4); exit@syscall(1); main@global(128) { .var0 = "hi!0; write(1,.var0, 4); exit(0); } $ ragg2 -O -F hi.r $ ./hi hi! $ cat hi.c main() { write(1, "Hello0, 6); exit(0); } $ ragg2 hi.c $ ./hi.c.bin Hello SEE ALSO
radare2(1), rahash2(1), rafind2(1), rabin2(1), rafind2(1), ranal2(1), radiff2(1), rasm2(1), AUTHORS
pancake <> BSD
Oct 11, 2011 BSD
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