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rafind2(1) [debian man page]

RAFIND2(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						RAFIND2(1)

rafind2 -- Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor SYNOPSIS
rafind2 [-zXnrhv] [-b size] [-f from] [-t to] [-[m|s|e] str] [-x hex] file DESCRIPTION
rafind2 is a program to find byte patterns into files The options are: -z Search for zero-terminated strings -s str Search for a specific string -e regex Search for a regular expression string matches -x hex Search for an hexpair string -m mask Set binary mask to be applied -f from Specify the source adddress -t to Specify the target adddress -X Display hexdump of search results -n Do not stop the search when a read error occurs -r Show output in radare commands -b size Define block size -h Show help message -v Print version and exit SEE ALSO
radare2(1), rahash2(1), rabin2(1), ranal2(1), radiff2(1), rasm2(1), ragg2(1), rarun2(1), rax2(1), AUTHORS
pancake <>, nibble <> BSD
Oct 18, 2011 BSD

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RADIFF2(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						RADIFF2(1)

radiff2 -- unified binary diffing utility SYNOPSIS
radiff2 [-cCOdrspvh] [-t 0-100] [-g sym] file1 file2 DESCRIPTION
radiff2 implements many binary diffing algorithms for data and code. -c Count number of differences. -C Graphdiff code instead of data -O Do code diffing with all bytes instead of just the fixed opcode bytes -t 0-100 Choose matching threshold for binary code diffing -d Use delta diffing (slower). -g sym Graph diff output of given symbol -r Output in radare commands as a binary patch. -s Calculate text distance from two files. -p Use physical addressing ( -v Show version information. -h Show usage help message. SEE ALSO
radare2(1), rafind2(1), rahash2(1), rabin2(1), ranal2(1), rasm2(1), ragg2(1), rarun2(1), rax2(1), AUTHORS
pancake <>, nibble <> BSD
Oct 20, 2011 BSD
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