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rarun2(1) [debian man page]

RARUN2(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 RARUN2(1)

rarun2 -- radare2 utility to run programs in exotic environments SYNOPSIS
rarun2 [[script.rr2]] DESCRIPTION
This program is used as a launcher for running programs with different environment, arguments, permissions, directories and overridden default filedescriptors. The program just accepts a single argument which is the filename of the configuration file to run the program. It is useful when you have to run a program using long arguments or pass long data to stdin or things like that usually required for exploit- ing crackmes :) DIRECTIVES
The rr2 (rarun2) configuration file accepts the following directives, described as key=value entries and comments defined as lines starting with '#'. program path to program to be executed stdout select file to replace stdout file descriptor stdin select file to read data from stdin input set string to be passed to the program via stdin chdir change directory before executing the program chroot run the program in chroot. requires some previous setup preload preload a library (not supported on Windows, only linux,osx,bsd) setuid set process uid seteuid set effective process uid setgid set process group id setegid set effective process group id setenv set value for given environment variable arg[0-3] set value for argument N passed to the program EXAMPLE
$ cat foo.rr2 #!/usr/bin/rarun2 program=./pp400 arg0=10 stdin=foo.txt chdir=/tmp #chroot=. ./foo.rr2 SEE ALSO
radare2(1), rahash2(1), rafind2(1), rabin2(1), ranal2(1), radiff2(1), ragg2(1), rasm2(1), AUTHORS
pancake <> BSD
Oct 11, 2011 BSD

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RAX2(1) 						    BSD General Commands Manual 						   RAX2(1)

rax2 -- radare base converter SYNOPSIS
rax2 [-ebsSvxkh] [[value] ...] DESCRIPTION
This command is part of the radare project. This command allows you to convert values between positive and negative integer, float octal, binary and hexadecimal values. OPTIONS
-e Swap endian. -b Convert from binary string to caracter (rax2 -b 01000101) -s Convert from hex string to caracter (rax2 -s 43 4a 50) -S Convert from hex string to caracter (rax2 -S C J P) -v Show program version -x Convert a string into a hash -k Keep de same base as the input data -h Show usage help message USAGE
Available variable types are: int -> hex rax2 10 hex -> int rax2 0xa -int -> hex rax2 -77 -hex -> int rax2 0xffffffb3 int -> bin rax2 b30 bin -> int rax2 1010d float -> hex rax2 3.33f hex -> float rax2 Fx40551ed8 oct -> hex rax2 35o hex -> oct rax2 Ox12 (O is a letter) bin -> hex rax2 1100011b hex -> bin rax2 Bx63 With no arguments, rax2 reads values from stdin. You can pass one or more values as arguments. $ rax2 33 0x41 0101b 0x21 65 0x5 You can do 'unpack' hexpair encoded strings easily. $ rax2 -s 41 42 43 ABC And it supports some math operations. $ rax2 0x5*101b+5 30 It is very useful tool for scripting, so you can read floating point values, or get the integer offset of a jump or a stack delta when ana- lyzing programs. SEE ALSO
radare2(1), rahash2(1), rafind2(1), rabin2(1), ranal2(1), radiff2(1), ragg2(1), rarun2(1), rasm2(1), AUTHORS
pancake <>, nibble <> BSD
Mar 12, 2010 BSD
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