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BSD 2.11 - man page for quotaoff (bsd section 8)

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QUOTAON(8)									       QUOTAON(8)

       quotaon, quotaoff - turn filesystem quotas on and off

       quotaon [-v] filesystem ...
       quotaon [-v] -a
       quotaoff [-v] filesystem ...
       quotaoff [-v] -a

       Quotaon announces to the system that disk quotas should be enabled on one or more filesys-
       tems.  Quotaoff announces to the system that the specified  filesystems	should	have  any
       disk  quotas  diskquotas  turned  off.	The  filesystems  specified  must have entries in
       /etc/fstab and be mounted.  Quotaon expects each filesystem to have  a  quota  file  named
       quotas  located at the root of the associated file system.  These defaults may be overrid-
       den in /etc/fstab.

       Available options:

       -a	      If the -a flag is supplied in place of any filesystem  names,  quotaon/quo-
		      taoff will enable/disable all the filesystems indicated in /etc/fstab to be
		      read-write with disk quotas.

       -v	      Causes quotaon and quotaoff to print a message for  each	filesystem  where
		      quotas are turned on or off.

       quotas	      at the filesystem root with user quotas

       /etc/fstab     filesystem table

       quota(1), setquota(2), fstab(5), edquota(8), quotacheck(8), repquota(8)

       The quotaon command appeared in 4.2BSD.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		 January 21, 1996			       QUOTAON(8)
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