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RANLIB(1)										RANLIB(1)

       ranlib - table-of-contents for archive libraries

       ranlib [-t] file ...

       Ranlib  creates a table of external references for archive libraries, normally used by the
       loader, ld(1).  This table is is named ``__.SYMDEF'' and  is  prepended	to  the  archive.
       Files  in  the archive which are not executable and symbols which are uninteresting to the
       loader are ignored.

       The options are as follows:

       -t     Set the modification time of the __.SYMDEF file.	This  time  is	compared  by  the
	      loader with the modification time of the archive to verify that the table is up-to-
	      date with respect to the archive.  If the modification time has been changed  with-
	      out  any change to the archive (for example, by a cp(1)), the -t option can be used
	      to ``touch'' the modification time so that it appears that the table is up-to-date.

       /tmp	     default temporary file directory

       ranlib.XXXXXX temporary file names

       ar(1), ld(1), lorder(1), nm(1), ranlib(5)

       A ranlib command appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.

4.3 Berkeley Distribution		   May 9, 1991					RANLIB(1)
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