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CP(1)											    CP(1)

       cp - copy

       cp [ -ip ] file1 file2

       cp [ -ipr ] file ... directory

       File1  is  copied onto file2.  By default, the mode and owner of file2 are preserved if it
       already existed; otherwise the mode of the source file modified by the current umask(2) is
       used.   The -p option causes cp to attempt to preserve (duplicate) in its copies the modi-
       fication times and modes of the source files, ignoring the present umask.

       In the second form, one or more files are copied into the directory  with  their  original

       Cp refuses to copy a file onto itself.

       If  the -i option is specified, cp will prompt the user with the name of the file whenever
       the copy will cause an old file to be overwritten. An answer of 'y' will cause cp to  con-
       tinue. Any other answer will prevent it from overwriting the file.

       If  the -r option is specified and any of the source files are directories, cp copies each
       subtree rooted at that name; in this case the destination must be a directory.

       cat(1), mv(1), rcp(1C)

4th Berkeley Distribution		   June 8, 1985 				    CP(1)
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