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LORDER(1)										LORDER(1)

       lorder - find ordering relation for an object library

       lorder file ...

       The input is one or more object or library archive (see ar(1)) files.  The standard output
       is a list of pairs of object file names, meaning that the first file of the pair refers to
       external  identifiers  defined  in the second.  The output may be processed by tsort(1) to
       find an ordering of a library suitable for one-pass access by ld(1).

       This brash one-liner intends to build a new library from existing `.o' files.

	      ar cr library `lorder *.o | tsort`

       The need for lorder may be vitiated by use of ranlib(1), which converts an ordered archive
       into a randomly accessed library.

       *symref, *symdef
       nm(1), sed(1), sort(1), join(1)

       tsort(1), ld(1), ar(1), ranlib(1)

       The  names  of object files, in and out of libraries, must end with `.o'; nonsense results

4th Berkeley Distribution		  April 29, 1985				LORDER(1)
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