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NM(1)							      General Commands Manual							     NM(1)

nm - print name list (2BSD) SYNOPSIS
nm [ -gnopru ] [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
Nm prints the name list (symbol table) of each object file in the argument list. If an argument is an archive, a listing for each object file in the archive will be produced. If no file is given, the symbols in "a.out" are listed. Each symbol name is preceded by its value (blanks if undefined) and one of the letters U (undefined), A (absolute), T (text segment sym- bol), D (data segment symbol), B (bss segment symbol), C (common symbol), or f file name. If the symbol is local (non-external) the type letter is in lower case. If the file is an overlaid executable, the overlay number is printed after the name. The number is printed if the symbol is in an overlay or if it is the entry point (in the base segment) for a subroutine in an overlay. The output is sorted alpha- betically. Options are: -g Print only global (external) symbols. -n Sort numerically rather than alphabetically. -o Prepend file or archive element name to each output line rather than only once. -p Don't sort; print in symbol-table order. -r Sort in reverse order. -u Print only undefined symbols. SEE ALSO
ar(1), ar(5), a.out(5), stab(5) 3rd Berkeley Distribution April 29, 1985 NM(1)

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NM(1)							      General Commands Manual							     NM(1)

nm - name list (symbol table) SYNOPSIS
nm [ -aghnsu ] file ... DESCRIPTION
Nm prints the name list of each executable or object file in the argument list. If the file is an archive (see ar(1)), the name list of each file in the archive is printed. If more than one file is given in the argument list, the name of each file is printed at the begin- ning of each line. Each symbol name is preceded by its hexadecimal value (blanks if undefined) and one of the letters T text segment symbol t static text segment symbol L leaf function text segment symbol l static leaf function text segment symbol D data segment symbol d static data segment symbol B bss segment symbol b static bss segment symbol a automatic (local) variable symbol p function parameter symbol z source file name Z source file line offset f source file name components The output is sorted alphabetically. Options are: -a Print all symbols; normally only user-defined text, data, and bss segment symbols are printed. -g Print only global (T, L, D, B) symbols. -h Do not print file name headers with output lines. -n Sort according to the address of the symbols. -s Don't sort; print in symbol-table order. -u Print only undefined symbols. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/nm.c SEE ALSO
ar(1), 2l(1), db(1), acid(1), a.out(6) NM(1)
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