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ATQ(1)											   ATQ(1)

       atq - print the queue of jobs waiting to be run

       atq [ -c ] [ -n ] [ name ... ]

       Atq  prints  the queue of jobs that are waiting to be run at a later date. These jobs were
       created with the at(1) command.	With no flags, the queue is sorted in the order that  the
       jobs will be executed.

       If the -c flag is used, the queue is sorted by the time that the at command was given.

       The -n flag prints only the total number of files that are currently in the queue.

       If a name(s) is provided, only those files belonging to that user(s) are displayed.

       /usr/spool/at	   spool area

       at(1), atrm(1), cron(8)

4.3 Berkeley Distribution		   May 10, 1986 				   ATQ(1)
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