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ATRM(1) 										  ATRM(1)

       atrm - remove jobs spooled by at

       atrm [ -f ] [ -i ] [-] [[ job #] [ name ]... ]

       Atrm  removes  jobs  that  were created with the at(1) command.	With the - flag, all jobs
       belonging to the person invoking atrm are removed.  If a job number(s) is specified,  atrm
       attempts to remove only that job number(s).

       If  the	-f  flag  is used, all information regarding the removal of the specified jobs is
       suppressed.  If the -i flag is used, atrm asks if a job should be removed; a  response  of
       'y' causes the job to be removed.

       If a user(s) name is specified, all jobs belonging to that user(s) are removed.	This form
       of invoking atrm is useful only to the super-user.

       /usr/spool/at	   spool area

       at(1), atq(1), cron(8)

4.3 Berkeley Distribution		   May 10, 1986 				  ATRM(1)
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