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Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 0


Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 1

ac(1) adb(1) ar(1) arcv(1) as(1) at(1) awk(1)
bas(1) basename(1) bc(1) cal(1) calendar(1) cat(1) cb(1)
cc(1) cd(1) chmod(1) chown(1) clri(1) cmp(1) col(1)
comm(1) cp(1) crypt(1) cu(1) date(1) dc(1) dcheck(1)
dd(1) deroff(1) df(1) diff(1) diff3(1) du(1) dump(1)
dumpdir(1) echo(1) ed(1) eqn(1) expr(1) f77(1) factor(1)
file(1) find(1) graph(1) grep(1) icheck(1) index(1) intro(1)
iostat(1) join(1) kill(1) ld(1) lex(1) lint(1) ln(1)
login(1) look(1) lookall(1) lorder(1) ls(1) m4(1) mail(1)
make(1) man(1) mesg(1) mkconf(1) mkdir(1) mkfs(1) mknod(1)
mount(1) mv(1) ncheck(1) newgrp(1) nice(1) nm(1) od(1)
passwd(1) plot(1) pr(1) prep(1) prof(1) ps(1) pstat(1)
ptx(1) pubindex(1) pwd(1) quot(1) ranlib(1) ratfor(1) refer(1)
restor(1) rev(1) rm(1) roff(1) sa(1) sed(1) sh(1)
size(1) sleep(1) sort(1) spell(1) spline(1) split(1) strip(1)
struct(1) stty(1) su(1) sum(1) sync(1) tabs(1) tail(1)
tar(1) tbl(1) tc(1) tee(1) test(1) time(1) tk(1)
touch(1) tp(1) tr(1) troff(1) true(1) tsort(1) tty(1)
uniq(1) units(1) uucp(1) uux(1) wait(1) wall(1) wc(1)
who(1) write(1) xsend(1) yacc(1)

Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 2

access(2) acct(2) alarm(2) brk(2) chdir(2) chmod(2) chown(2)
close(2) creat(2) dup(2) exec(2) exit(2) fork(2) getpid(2)
getuid(2) index(2) indir(2) intro(2) ioctl(2) kill(2) link(2)
lock(2) lseek(2) mknod(2) mount(2) mpx(2) mpxcall(2) nice(2)
open(2) pause(2) phys(2) pipe(2) pkon(2) profil(2) ptrace(2)
read(2) setuid(2) signal(2) stat(2) stime(2) sync(2) time(2)
times(2) umask(2) unlink(2) utime(2) wait(2) write(2)

Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 3

abort(3) abs(3) assert(3) atof(3) crypt(3) ctime(3) ctype(3)
dbm(3) ecvt(3) end(3) exp(3) fclose(3) ferror(3) floor(3)
fopen(3) fread(3) frexp(3) fseek(3) getc(3) getenv(3) getgrent(3)
getlogin(3) getpass(3) getpw(3) getpwent(3) gets(3) hypot(3) index(3)
intro(3) j0(3) l3tol(3) malloc(3) mktemp(3) monitor(3) mp(3)
nlist(3) perror(3) pkopen(3) plot(3) popen(3) printf(3) putc(3)
puts(3) qsort(3) rand(3) scanf(3) setbuf(3) setjmp(3) sin(3)
sinh(3) sleep(3) stdio(3) string(3) swab(3) system(3) ttyname(3)

Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 4

cat(4) dn(4) du(4) hp(4) hs(4) ht(4) index(4)
mem(4) null(4) pk(4) rf(4) rk(4) rp(4) tc(4)
tm(4) tty(4) vp(4)

Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 5

aout(5) acct(5) ar(5) core(5) dir(5) dump(5) environ(5)
filsys(5) group(5) index(5) mpxio(5) mtab(5) passwd(5) plot(5)
tp(5) ttys(5) types(5) utmp(5)

Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 6

arithmetic(6) backgammon(6) banner(6) bcd(6) bj(6) checkers(6) chess(6)
ching(6) cubic(6) index(6) maze(6) moo(6) quiz(6) reversi(6)
ttt(6) words(6) wump(6)

Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 7

ascii(7) eqnchar(7) hier(7) index(7) man(7) ms(7) term(7)

Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: 8

boot(8) crash(8) cron(8) getty(8) index(8) init(8) makekey(8)

Unix Version 7 Commands Man Page Section: doc.db

Man page is the short form for "manual page" found in software documentation on a Unix or Unix-like operating system (including Linux). Man page topics include small computer programs (including unix commands, library and system calls), formal standards and conventions, and abstract computing concepts. A computer user invokes the man page by issuing the "man" command and the name of the program, concept or command.