Automating build and test process

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Operating Systems Linux Automating build and test process
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Old 01-17-2008
Originally Posted by laxmi
These are some of the requirements...
- Automatically start build process and it's tests at desired time.
Use a cron job. Search the forum with the key words 'cron job'

Originally Posted by laxmi
- Option for manual build invocation
You need to take care of this before you consider the cron jobs. The trigger for the build should be a simple script/makefile with the option of Release/Debug builds. This script/makefile may recursively go into each sub-directory and call other makefiles/scripts. Consider it like this.

Parent makefile/script
|-- Invoke dir1/makefile
|-- Invoke dir2/makefile
|-- Invoke dir3/makefile

Originally Posted by laxmi
- One build process at a time (The build process shall not be started for the second time before it is over).
Are you concerned that the cron job and the manual build will overlap ? If so, when the build starts, create an empty file to indicate that the build has started. When the build fails/end remove that file. Check for the presence of that file to decide whether to start the build or not.

Originally Posted by laxmi
- Write log file with all console messages.
Redirect all output to some log file. You need to take care of this in your parent makefile/script.

Originally Posted by laxmi
- email notifications
Once all the build is done, collect reports of build success/failure and attach it to the mail and send it to the concerned people. Search the forum with the keywords 'email notification'.
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Old 01-17-2008
Thank you so much for ur help, Vino! Smilie
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