Problem with crontab + bash script

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Operating Systems Linux Problem with crontab + bash script
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Old 10-28-2009
Problem with crontab + bash script

16 14 * * * /root/bin/./ >> /root/bin/log.txt
L=`mailq |grep -c frozen`
echo "${NUMMAIL} frozen mail to be removed from the mailq"
#echo "Press Enter to continue"
echo -en "-> "
for i in `mailq | grep frozen | awk '{print $3}'` ; do
  exim4 -Mrm $i > /dev/null
echo "# Done"
echo ""

The script starts, but it doesnt clean the frozen mailque.

Anyone have a clue?

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Old 02-20-2010
use exim

To clear the mailq's use this command sequence ,

    exim -bpr | grep frozen | awk {’print $3′} | xargs exim -Mrm

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