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Power Subnetting

We have subnetted our Internal Network. We used an I.P. range of,,, and mask We created a subnet range of and maske Our routers are configure to route to approprate network. We are able to ping workstation on the both subnett but we are not able to get to the Internet on new subnet we creates. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?
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If I understand correctly, you are trying to split your class B into two subnets, but with one subnet being 75% of the addresses and the other subnet being 25% of the adresses. You can't do that. The subnets must be equal in size. And all subnets must use the same netmask.
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no they don't, if he has set his router up correctly. he has to make sure that if he is NOT using static routes in his router configuration that he is using a routing protocol that supports VLSM, i.e., RIP version 2 or EIGRP.

that's the purpose of routing and subnetting: not having to have everyone on the same subnet.

hope this helps.
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