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Old 09-18-2002
Bug Linux eth0 incative

Hi there,

I got a problem with my linux eth0.

It worked well, just one day when i boot it, "Failed" to be active.

The eth0 is inactive! I tried to use KDE network configuration tool to add the type of the eth card, I can't make it active. It gave me warning of "the eth card can't be active" (or similar). I tried to "delete" eth0 and "add" a new one, also not working.

In /etc/modules.conf, there is a entry :
alias eth0 eppro (it is just like before when it worked)

i typed:
# ifconfig

it only gave me the lo loopback,

i tried :
# ifconfig etho [up]
it won't work because eth0 is not active.

How can it make it active???

did i choose the wrong type in the list? but it was the same one it worked before.

hope someone give me some help.

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Old 09-18-2002
Is youe eth0 built into the kernel or as a module? If its a module type lsmod and see if it is running. If its not there try to modprobe it and see waht happens.
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