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Old 05-07-2001
To use DNS you must be a part of a domain. This is not the same a microsoft domain, BTW. DNS is the 'domain names system' and requires fully qualified domain names to work. Resolver will append the name of the domain to each query, etc. Nameservers must be running named. Are you running named? If so, what is your named.conf file (must have domain records)?
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Old 05-07-2001
I am using my firewall to NAT one IP address for three computers on one network. Sort of like a proxy server. My Solaris box is one of these computers. So are you suggesting that I configure my Solaris box to use the domain information that my firewall is using on it's external interface. I am running a rather home made network. I am using ATT @Home and I purchased three public IP address from them. I am running a Check Point firewall on NT Server 4.0 with 3 NICs installed. On one of the NICs I have it configured with the @home configuration they supplied. The other two NICs I have configured as my internal network (Hiding behind 1 Public IP address, My Solaris box, and two other NT servers) and the other NIC on my firewall is configured as my DMZ network.

Are you recommending that I add the DNS suffix of the @home DNS servers in my resolv.conf file. is the domain I was given and it is what my firewall is configured to use.
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Old 05-11-2001
I think your firewall can act as a nameserver as well (name record caching).
Why don't you see if that is possible and point your Solaris box to the IP/hostname of your firewall for Name resolution?
Since you're NAT'ing the IPs you'd prbly have to use the internal IP address that your Boxes use to connect to the Firewall with.

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Old 05-11-2001
Here is what my network looks like:

| |
--------- -------
DMZ -| | | |- Internal Network

All of my servers can get out to the internet just fine. Only my WIndows servers can use DNS successfully.
My Solaris 2.6 Server cannot use DNS...probablly because I don't understand exactly how to configure it correctly.

On my Firewall, the DNS configuration look like this:

My NT servers are configured the same way.

My Solaris server is configured as follows:



--------- dns1 dns2

I cannot use host names to access websites...only IP addresses. In my resolv.conf file, Do I use the phsical name "nameserver" or do I replace that with the name configured in my hosts file (dns1)? I am having no luck here at all......
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Old 05-11-2001
my diagram didn't exactly turnout the way it should have

Internet--->Firewall---->SUN PC
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Old 07-11-2008
Make sure that your nameserver IP is the same. try and see if it works. Because solaris don't work like windows u know. I myself have face the type of problem in the past
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Old 08-14-2008
What happens if you do:
$dig @
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